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Does The Perfect Doodle Exist?

With the recent rise in doodle popularity, you might be wondering if there’s a perfect doodle out there. The answer to this is yes! But it may be more complicated than it sounds. Every pet owner has different needs and preferences to fill, so one man’s “perfect doodle” may not be a perfect fit for you. Since there’s such a large pool of doodles to choose from with more cropping up each year, it can be difficult to pinpoint which doodle is the perfect doodle for you.

Each Doodle Breed is Different!

The first place to start would be recognizing that while there are a lot of doodles, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Each doodle breed is relatively unique compared to the next despite all sharing the same parenting dog; the poodle.

When parenting dogs are paired together, there’s usually a result the breeder is hoping for. Taking different purebred dogs and pairing them with the poodle may create the teddy bear-like appearance we’ve all grown to know and love, but what about the temperaments of these dogs? Take the golden retriever, for example; they’re well known for their friendly and non-aggressive demeanor, soft mouths, and instinctive fetching abilities. Compare the temperament of a Golden Retriever with that of a Border Collie. The Border Collie is more well known for his extremely high level of intelligence paired with his high drive and herd working abilities. The doodles that result from these two parenting breeds will have different attributes that suit different lifestyles. Not every family can handle a dog that’s smart enough to get into trouble, and not every family prefers an overly friendly dog who wants to meet every dog and person they come across.

While nearly all doodles present with a luxurious low-shedding coat and precious doodle facial features, the internal workings of each doodle are an essential factor to consider when choosing your new dog. Don’t pick solely on color or gender alone! Make sure to do proper research on your doodle of choice and select a dog compatible with your lifestyle.

Why Are Doodles So Popular?

So many people are drawn to the hybrid breed because of their well-known coat type. But don’t let that distract you from some of their other appealing traits. Most people who have owned a doodle can attest to their intelligent and easily trainable nature. Doodles are known to be very responsive and playful as well as affectionate. These dogs enjoy working, and many doodles share similar physical characteristics, typically appearing as a little fluffy ball of joy!

The Perfect Doodle Coat

It’s no secret that the doodle’s famous quality is the hypoallergenic or non-shedding coat they inherit from the poodle parent’s genetics. This can be a gamble at times; without extensive genetic testing, it’s not always possible to predict what coat colors, furnishings, or texture of hair the puppies will be born with. But there are special cases where both doodle parents are non-shedding breeds creating an almost foolproof hypoallergenic coat. If you know anything about Whoodles, they are one of the most sought-after doodles with this quality. The poodle has an ever-growing curly coat, but in this case, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is also a breed that does not shed. They have no undercoat, and their hair will grow until it’s cut. Well-bred doodles will usually have a decent coat, but double non-shedding doodle breeds are an excellent choice for people with allergies! My Whoodle is an amazing whoodle breeder with excellent breeding standards

Finding the Perfect Doodle

Searching for the perfect doodle doesn’t have to be an impossible task. While there sadly isn’t one singular doodle that meets everyone’s needs, there is a perfect doodle for just about everyone. The trick to finding the perfect doodle is focusing on which doodle will fit in with your personal parameters. If you’re on a budget, consider a more popular doodle that’s readily available. For example, the purchase price of a Goldendoodle will usually be much lower than a very rare doodle breed. If you’re looking for a small and dainty doodle that you would trust around your fragile grandmother, you may want to learn more about Maltipoos or doodles better known for their gentle nature.

Once you find a doodle that fits the main components you’re looking for, you can begin searching for an available puppy and prepare to bring home your new best friend!


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