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Do Unique Zip Codes Affect Address Validation?

Any business that delivers products or services to a client’s home must have accurate and complete customer data. This is especially true in regards to clients’ addresses and phone numbers. At any point in the delivery process, you may need to reach out to the customer, and you need reliable information in order to do so. This is why a client’s zip code is one of the most important pieces of information. Many people don’t realize that there are many different types of zip codes, but indeed, a zip code can come in several forms. When a customer’s zip code is incorrect or formatted improperly, it can compromise your ability to serve that customer effectively. Avoid zip code complications by investing in batch address verification software.

Importance Of Zip Code Validation

What makes zip code validation such an important issue? If you don’t deal directly with clients or deliver services to their location, you might think that it’s a low-ranking concern. Zip code validation should be a top priority for every business, though, for several reasons. In addition to improved deliverability metrics, you can expect lower postage rates, less returned mail, and faster shipping times — and these benefits are just as meaningful to customers as they are to companies.

If you don’t deal in deliverables, though, you should still consider investing in a zip code validation service. Addresses with a validated zip code are more reliable than those that haven’t been validated — and when it comes to customer data, accuracy is imperative. You need to be sure that you’ve got the right info for your clients regardless of whether your services include delivery. You may eventually launch a marketing campaign that consists of mailers, for example, which will necessitate accurate address data, including a validated zip code.

Sending Direct Mail

Companies that do offer delivery services know that address verification can be tricky. Using a validation tool can simplify the process, but there are still several details you must pay attention to. If you are dispatching a product or service to a client with a unique zip code, for example, you must do a little extra research to pinpoint their location. Unique zip codes are typically assigned to high volume mail recipients such as hospitals, college campuses, or government facilities. To serve a customer with a unique zip code, you may need to obtain geocode data in order to determine their precise location.

A phone number verification service can be helpful, too, for confirming the accuracy of a client’s phone information. In situations where a customer’s location is hard to find or their address data is incomplete, it’s typically best to follow up and gain clarification, and a phone call is the easiest way to do so. If the client’s phone data is also incomplete, however, it can be difficult to fulfill the request adequately. Verifying customers’ phone numbers and zip codes helps cut down on miscommunication while saving you precious time and money.

Eliminate address inaccuracies with a validation tool that’s tailored to your company’s needs.


  1. What does a unique zip code mean?

A unique ZIP code refers to the high volume mail receivers that receive mail at one location. Then, it distributes the mail internally. Large organizations, government buildings, and universities use them. 

  1. Do ZIP Codes matter?

Zip Codes aren’t just necessary for public services. They are equally important for job opportunities and access to stores and doctors’ offices. Many companies in cities and suburbs also rely on it.

  1. Are the last 4 digits of a zip code necessary?

The ZIP+4 code by the United States Postal Service (USPS) serves the necessity of routing. The final 4 digits don’t find a use for delivery of your mail and may change frequently.

  1. What happens to mail with the wrong ZIP code?

Carrier or postmaster bears the right to correct the zip code by going through the address. Sometimes, they even reach out to that particular post office to ensure that the package has reached the right location.


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