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Do I Have the Best Free Credit Card in India?

A lifetime free credit card doesn’t need any joining an annual fee. So if your credit card meets this, it means you have a Free credit card in India. But is this the best one that you have? To find the same you need to check on a few factors such as reward offers, benefits on fuel transactions, online purchase benefits, etc. For more details, check out the article below and check whether you have the Best Free Credit Card in India.

What are the Benefits of a Free Credit Card if it is the Best?

Best Free Credit Card in India will provide you with the following benefits –

Low-Interest Rate

Credit cards come with more interest even than a personal loan. So if your free credit card in India charges 3.5% per month interest, it means you have the best card for your daily spending. India Free Credit Card is different from other cards in that its interest is less and there are no hidden charges. You will learn about the card fees on the lender website. And if you still have any questions regarding the difference between a lifetime free credit card and a standard credit card, talk with your service provider by calling the toll-free number.

Reward Benefits Same as the Standard Card

Your lifetime free credit card will have the same reward benefits that you will get in a standard credit card. So there is no difference but the benefits of no joining and annual fee. When you use the card for making a purchase, a reward point is credited to your account. Later you can redeem the points against gift vouchers or cash back.

Secure Payments

Making a payment with lifetime free credit cards can help you manage your daily expenses with one swipe. And when you do that, there is no chance of fraud and stealing information from your card. So instead of carrying cash around do use a credit card and make it easier and more beneficial for yourself to keep up with the bill payments and everyday purchases. 

Which is the Best Free Credit Card in India?

ICICI Bank has just the right Life Time Free Credit Card, called ICICI Bank Amazon Credit Card. With this, you will get the following benefits –

  • Amazon Prime Members get 5% cash back on online spending at Amazon
  • Non-prime users will also get cash back on their online spending at Amazon, but it will be 3% 
  • 2% cash back is available on the ICICI bank amazon pay credit card if shop on more than 100 Amazon Pay partner merchants  
  • 1% cash back on other purchases of this Lifetime free credit card

The reward that you have earned can be used to purchase from over 10 crore products at amazon or its partner merchants. The cost EMI facility allows you to convert a big transaction into monthly installments. One reward point is equal to INR 1 and it will be automatically credited as Amazon Pay Balance.

Culinary Treats for the Amazon Cardholder

You can save a minimum of 15% on your dining bill with ICICI Bank culinary treats. To use this facility of the ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card, present your card while settling the bill to get this discount. So download the ICICI Bank Culinary Treats mobile app to locate the nearest restaurant.

Fuel Purchases

A full waiver of 1% is applied every time you use this ICICI Bank Amazon Credit Card.

Chip And PIN Security

ICICI Bank chip cards have an extra layer of security, so with a Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can make transactions at merchant outlets. The PIN is not necessary for online transactions. However, in case of an online transaction, register your new card for 3D Secure.

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