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Different Department and Expertise at Dubai Based or UAE Based Law Firms

Law Firms in Dubai offer expert advice to the client’s less than one name where multiple lawyers are working together.  All the professionals working in law firms in Dubai work together to facilitate the clients in the best possible way. Moreover, the law firms in dubai cater to the interests of not only the individuals but also the small-sized to large entrepreneurs and enterprises. A Full Service Law Firm in Dubai or Law Firm in Abu Dhabi or a Law Firm in Sharjah, Ajman, RAK etc, by the UAE National Lawyers are always expert in:

  • Real Estate Law 
  • Criminal Law 
  • Civil Law 
  • Labour and Employment Law 
  • Banking Law 
  • Taxations  / VAT Filling 
  • Commercial Law

Most of the lawyers in dubai working in the law firm work exclusively on a client but if one requires, he can engage the other partners and associates. Therefore, they will be able to tackle a wide range of clients’ problems at a time.

Different Departments

Many Law Firms have different sets of departments for corporate and litigation. The litigation department handles all the disputes which the clients are involved in. under this department they deal with the clients in the court practices.  Under these scenarios, the lawyers may represent their clients in the court’s cases before the jury and the judges. 

They are also responsible to respond to the court hearings and meet the essential requirements of the court. They also work in fulfilling the legal specifications on behalf of their client.  Moreover, they tackle a various number of clients mainly entails interaction with the leading lawyers and attorneys of the law firm.

The corporate department of the law firms in Dubai generally advises the different companies and individuals over a variety of deals. Moreover, if an organization is involved they may offer their piece of advice over corporate deals. This may include acquisitions, mergers, takeovers, inter-company transactions, investment in Dubai by foreign companies; massive financing projects, and so on are undertaken by clients. The options seem attractive but the evaluations of the available options are vital to moving forward. 

There a piece of expert advice from the lawyer can may a lot of difference. He will analyze the whole scenario according to the legal as well as market dynamics to suggest what is best for the client. They utilized their years of exposure to suggest the most lucrative options to their clients concerning the investing or disinvesting options. We are also going to share one of the Law Firm departments and its functions here: 

Family Law 

Family matters that become legal issues or points of serious concern require the guidance and intervention of renowned family lawyers in United Arab Emirates. However, it is a tricky task for first-time clients to select the most suitable lawyer to take up their legal cause and give them relevant solutions for it.

Consultation Cost:

Free consultation sessions with reputed lawyers are generally not possible. Their expertise, experience, goodwill, and proficiency in their professional skills call for adequate remuneration. Hence, they charge a fee for client consultation or interaction services. On the other hand, some attorneys might market a free introductory session or consultation services for the clients to charm them and get more business opportunities.

However, such free offers may attract many new clients, but they might put the law professional’s legal expertise and skill in question. They might take easily-available self and inexpensiveness for inexperience and lack of credibility. Hence, the client needs to thoroughly assess and debate the reputation the attorney in question holds in the law circles and among his past clients as well before hiring him for his legal cause.

Attorney is Hired: Case is started

Once the client is satisfied with the lawyer’s good reputation, the next step is to prepare for the formal meeting with your selected attorney. The client must prepare a series of important questions he needs to ask the law professional regarding the case standing and the professional profile of the lawyer himself. Such an orientation with the lawyer gives an insight into his legal aptness and personality. Moreover, it helps the client in authenticating his decision to hire that particular lawyer or search for another one.

In addition to this, if the client resides specifically in Abu Dhabi and wishes to pursue any specific legal action in that emirate, then he must check for the list of practicing family lawyers in Abu Dhabi. Similarly Family Lawyers in Dubai or Divorce Lawyers in Dubai, Family Lawyers in Sharjah or Divorce Lawyers in Sharjah. It is always recommended to go for an attorney who has been practicing in the specific emirate of the UAE where you reside. The reason behind this is quite simple. Selecting an attorney from the same emirate you belong to has many benefits. He is familiar with the court proceedings as well as the specific laws prevalent and practiced there. Thus, you can guarantee a winning stance from his side.


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