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Designing Your Own Custom Tshirt

Vintage t-shirts have been popular for a few years now and remain strong because they look great and are comfortable to wear! If you are struggling to find tshirts you love lately, maybe you want to have a go at designing your own to suit your ‘vintage’ likes, mood and thoughts. Vintage t shirt printing Singapore might have anything depending on your age, different decades are a vintage time. The sixties, seventies and even the eighties slogans, tv shows, cereal ad slogans, foods, sayings and so on, placed on the front or back of a great shirt and you have your own custom vintage tshirt.

Choosing the image

When designing your own shirt you will need to either use images that are specifically designed for use in printing, perhaps selected from images the printer company has, or they need to be made from the right design software. You cannot just find an image online and send it basically, there is more to it. Design software allows you to take a design, or create your own design and then turn it into the right format so you can send it to your t shirt printing Singapore expert and they can print it onto your chosen shirt.

Great for various purposes

As well as tshirt printing Singapore being great for vintage unique shirts you can wear, custom-made tshirts have a lot of different uses. Any organisation that wants to create something of a team or united front, but does not want a stiff and formal uniform can design and create tshirts. They are comfortable so whether they are worn all day in a shop, as part of a sports team, or a family or group of friends heading to an event together, it works. Children can be involved in the design process and then their work can be placed into one of several computer programs.

Using a printing service

While it is true there are methods where you produce a transfer that you then iron onto your chosen shirt, be aware this kind of method is not going to look as good as a professional printer’s work. It is also not going to last as long. You can often re-wear professionally printed shirts and wash them many times, but that is not the case with tshirts you do yourself. Just keep in mind that a lot of printers have minimum orders and that is tricky if you are making your own shirts to wear. You could gift them to friends and family to use them up, or you could make them look different using different colour shirts.


Tshirt printing, Singapore expert services are a great way to achieve a unique look or create shirts for a team. If you want to add more detail or make it stand out further you could also look into which printer offers embroidery to enhance the look. You could add someone’s name, a title, or some other small design.


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