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Unique tips to Decorate your House on a Tight Budget During New Year

New Year is around the corner. And you would be all geared up to celebrate the evening. It is the perfect reason to dress up, be creative and enjoy the last day of the year. 

The celebrations aren’t complete without the proper decoration of your house, and it not only makes you happy but also makes your home stand out from others, especially if you are hosting a party. 

Home decoration on New Year Eve

Throwing a party is a costly affair, and decorating your home adds to the budget for the party. But there are ways by which you can do the decoration without spending much money. 

With the help of primary materials, you can decorate your house by yourself. These tips will let you decorate your house to satisfaction and let you have some pics for your Instagram account too. 

You need not worry about the burden on your pocket. Even though it is the last few days of the year, you are probably strict on your budget, which might have an overshot. 

You can take an easy loan for improvement to home and do make the changes or renovations. 

The following are some of the tips or ways to decorate your house for the last evening of the year. 

Home decorate tips

  • Painting

Painting is one of the least expensive ways, and painting your walls help you transform and refresh your rooms. Especially if your last paint was a few years ago, it is one good idea to repaint. 

Even if it is not about changing the colors, just doing a fresh coat of the same color will do the magic. It will give the feeling of newness and freshness to your room. 

Even if you don’t have enough time to paint the whole room, just repainting the trim can provide a massive impact. 

  • One room at a time

Doing the whole house could be tiresome and heavy on the pocket too. Why not take up just one single room and then move to next. You can prioritize the rooms which are more in use first, and maybe your living room, kitchen, and washroom. 

  • Check out local art store

You are not going to buy an original Picasso work for all your rooms. But what is stopping you from getting a Melbourne picture hanging service to hang other art around the home.

But some pieces of artwork, such as paintings, glass vases, etc., are from a good art dealer or store in the vicinity. 

There could be works from new and budding artists in the art shops. These works are usually cheap on price and surprisingly good for your home décor. At times, even there are inexpensive pieces from local college art students.

Not only this, but you can also get a painting or artwork created as per your liking. 

  • Re-arrangement

Many times, you are not required to buy new pieces of decoration to adorn your house. Simple the re-arrangement of the stuff you have in your home can do wonders. Just let your creative mind work and make the changes. 

Rearranging or reorganizing is an inexpensive way to transform your room. The first thing to do is to remove the clutter. All that stuff which is not been used for a long time should be removed. Lesser clutter gives the feeling of expanse to the rooms. 

Arrange your books on the bookshelves. Clean up the visible surface areas and beautify them by displaying a piece of art or flowers.

Change the sitting arrangement, the placement of rugs, carpets, chairs and tables. Move things around and relocate them to give a new look to your room. 

  • Shopping from flea markets

Flea markets are a good source of unique decorative things, and these markets are especially flooded with things nearing the festive. 

You can find unique pieces of work at amazing prices. Or you can, at times, find pieces that can easily be used in place of antique pieces.

  • Change the outlook

One of the easiest, inexpensive, and best ways is changing the outlook. Replace handles and doorknobs in the bathroom and kitchen for a quick and inexpensive makeover. 

Replace lampshades, light fixtures or change the seating too. Changing the covers and adding throw pillows can adorn your sofa anytime.

  • Create the atmosphere

Change the atmosphere to have revamped interiors of your house. Consider adding candles or changing the lighting (dim and mixed lighting) to change the whole look and feel of the room. 

Adding greenery is another way to induce natural beauty to the room. When placed or hung in the room, indoor plants, fresh flowers, or even bowls of fruits can give a natural touch to the room. 

Adding the fragrance to the natural or artificial room can set the mood. Try and make it match the season. 

Use creative ways to display the flowers or plants in the room. Have nice-looking incensed holding bottles and sticks, which adorns the beauty.


The festive time is of happiness and celebration—especially the last day of the year. You celebrate when you say goodbye to the year that has passed, and welcome to the coming year. 

Celebrating doesn’t mean disturbing your budget and increasing expenses. There are creative and simple ways to jive up your home without spending much. Just let your creativity flow and beautify your home with simple tips and tricks.


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