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cTrader vs MetaTrader 4

The software is one of the most important components of any trading venture. Simply put, you wouldn’t be able to start new trades on the marketplace without it.

MetaTrader and cTrader platforms, two of the best programmes available, are among the most widely used trading platforms. In the more than ten years since they were accessible, investors and brokers have put these platforms through their paces.

The origin

MetaQuotes released a piece of software called MetaTrader 4. It brought new features and approaches to trading Forex. MT4 was initially created for Forex traders.

cTrader, Spotware, a business, was created in 2011. It was published at the same time as MetaQuotes unveiled the new MT5. While there were still many differences between cTrader and MT5, the two platforms had more features in common, including the economic calendar and more instruments than MT4.

The interface variations

Let’s see how the MT4 and cTrader user interfaces compare to one another now: With its boxy windows and boxes, MT4 has a Windows 98-like appearance. Both MT4 and MT5 have essentially the same layout: four separate charts that can be adjusted or expanded so that only one chart is visible on the screen, taking up a sizable section of the display.

The distinction between cTrader and MetaTrader is immediately apparent. The interface of cTrader is significantly more contemporary and straightforward. The interface is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but you can also select the theme from a variety of choices, such as light and dark themes.

MQ4 and C#

One of the more important distinctions between MetaTrader and cTrader is the code language upon which they are built. One option is MetaTrader 4, which uses the MQL4 computer language.

MQL4 is a trading-oriented programme that, as was previously said, is typically utilised by traders and financial analysts. This implies that it isn’t truly suitable for use by outside programmers in their coding projects. However, the fact that MT4 has been around for more than 15 years has given MQL4 a sizable user base, which has led to the development of several indicators and other tools in that language.

Instruments Trader

It is crucial to remember that the trading instruments you have access to only depend on your broker when it comes to the assets you may access through the programme. For instance, there would be no issue if the broker decided to limit the platform’s integration to cryptocurrencies only.

For instance, MT4 can support up to 1,000 instruments, whereas cTrader has no hard cap on the number of assets it can handle.

Because there are so few currency pairings available on the market, it makes more sense to use MetaTrader 4 for Forex trading. Conversely, cTrader can be an excellent platform for equities, indices, minerals, and other financial instruments traded in considerably more significant volumes.


Automated trading platforms differ in their names and capabilities. cBots are the technology behind cTrader’s auto-trading feature. Because cBots are built using C# programming language, they can be moderated by other developers. However, cBots and Expert Advisors do the same tasks.


The MetaTrader and cTrader platforms are well-known for their use and capabilities in the trading sector. MT4 software is typically best for new and Forex traders, while cTrader is better suited for traders from other industries and those with more demanding needs. Either way, neither of these platforms will let you down.


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