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Common Doubts About Baby Car Seats

Most parents rely on baby car seats to keep their babies safe while driving. If you are one of them, you would have some questions regarding baby car seats.

The post below answers common questions so you can know more about these seats.

Do Car Seats Need Replacement After An Accident?

According to NHTSA and babymonitorsrev.com, you should replace it after a moderate or severe crash. If there is a minor accident, there is no need for replacement.

However, even in the case of a minor crash, there are a few signs to look out for before deciding on a replacement. These include:

  • If You notice any cracks or even minor deformities in the seat’s frame, you need to replace it.
  • In case any vital part of the car seat is broken, like the harness, seat, or handle, it will need replacement even after a minor crash.
  • If any function of the car seat isn’t working, like the retractable canopy or the seat reclining after a minor crash, then you have no other option but to replace it.

Thus, moderate to severe car accidents require you to replace the seat, and in the case of minor ones, you have to check it before deciding whether to replace it.

Can You Put The Infant Car Seat Behind The Driver?

Yes, you can put the infant car seat behind the driver. Not only that but behind the passenger side is fine as well.

However, if you want to choose the safest option, it is in the middle of the back seat. That way, the baby car seat is furthest away from the point of impact in case of an accident.

Can You Use A Car Seat Without A Cover?

Manuals of most baby car seats require you to use a cover. Without the cover, you might not be able to use the seat appropriately, and the safety level is also reduced.

Because of the same, as far as possible you need to always use the cover with the seat. The advantages include the following:

  • In case of an accident, the cover provides better protection.
  • The cover not only ensures comfort but proper stability as well.
  • The cover provides protection not only in accidents but also from the weather.

Due to all these reasons, it is always advisable to use a car seat with a cover.

Do Car Seats Have To Be Professionally Installed?

No, it isn’t always necessary to install a baby car seat professionally. You need to, however, follow a few tips when installing it on your own.

  • You should follow the step-by-step procedure highlighted by the manufacturer.
  • After installation, you have to check the securing points to ensure they are well secured.
  • After you have installed it, go through the step-by-step procedure again to ensure that you have followed every step.

If you cannot understand the instructions or follow them, only then should you opt for professional installation.

Do Baby Car Seats Have Airbags?

Most baby seats do not have airbags. However, the first one with an airbag was launched in 2018. Ever since then, there have been a handful of options that come with airbags.

Even though a baby car seat in itself is pretty safe, one with any airbag offers additional advantages like:

  • The level of safety is undoubtedly increased. Airbags are often built into the shoulder pads and therefore provide complete protection to your baby in case of accidents.
  • Not only that, in frontal collisions primarily, the airbags can provide additional safety to your child.

If you think the baby car seat airbag is the same as in your cars, it’s not entirely true. The airbags in the baby car seat use a CO2 cartridge to inflate.

After a couple of seconds, they deflate to provide quick access to the child. In functioning, they are precisely the same. When they detect any collision or impact, they inflate because of the CO2 cartridge.

Manufacturers started embedding airbags into the baby car seat because those in the cars are designed for adult heads and not with children in mind.

Thus, whether you have already bought a baby car seat or are planning to buy one, answers to the questions will certainly help you buy the right one.


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