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Top Benefits of Commercial Wall-Mounted Hand Dryers

Any owner of a commercial facility, like a restaurant or a gym, has to think about user experience. Your users have to be satisfied with your service and also with the bathroom experience. One of the ways to improve the bathroom experience and improve overall satisfaction with your facility is to install hand dryers. Of course, there’s more to it than just that, so we’ve decided to break down the benefits of wall-mounted hand dryers.

Ease of use

The first benefit of hand dryers is the ease of use. You just have to walk up to it, put your hands under the sensor and the air will start to blow. Simple as that. We’re all looking for the simplest solutions in our everyday life so using a hand dryer instead of a paper towel is a preferred choice for many people. The newest models can dry your hands in just 15 seconds, without you having to touch anything.

They never run out

If you have wall-mounted hand dryers across your bathrooms, you won’t have to worry about them running out. Paper towel dispensers have to be checked and refilled constantly. That is not the case with hand dryers because they will never run out. If you want to ensure they run without glitches, you should have a team of professionals check your devices regularly. This will ensure their performance is optimal.

Cost efficient

Hand dryers are a cost-efficient solution for your commercial facility. They require an initial investment which can be high, but the cost will be reduced over time. Paper towels have to be bought every month, refilled several times a day and disposed of a few times a day. On the other hand, after the initial cost, hand dryers won’t require additional investment. You’ll have to pay for their maintenance and repairs. Hand dryers have a lower cost per dry which makes them a cost-efficient solution for commercial bathrooms.

They increase hygiene levels

Hand dryers can increase hygiene levels in your bathroom because there’s a lower risk of cross-infection. Simply put, after you wash your hands with soap and rinse them thoroughly, you’ll simply move to a hand dryer without you touching any other surface. If you invest in high-quality hand dryers like the ones you can find at Davidson Washroom, you’ll ensure the fastest drying time. People will dry their hands fast without having to touch any other surface in between which makes it a more hygienic bathroom solution.

Easy to maintain

Wall-mounted hand dryers are easy to maintain. Their outer shell has to be wiped just like any other surface. The air filter has to be changed regularly, but this one is determined by the frequency of use. They can be changed from six months to even longer, depending on the use. Other forms of maintenance include a yearly check-up to ensure they work without any issues and repairs when needed. They can break down just like any other electronic device. That’s why you should have a reliable repair service on call, so you can fix them fast without disrupting the quality of the bathroom experience.

Hand dryers elevate the bathroom experience

Wall-mounted hand dryers have become a golden standard of commercial bathrooms. People these days expect to use a bathroom that has a wall-mounted hand dryer. They will increase the bathroom experience, especially if your commercial facility has a lot of foot traffic. You want people to choose your facility, over any other else because the bathroom experience is simply excellent.

Sustainable solution

We live in a time where we need to think about our environmental impact on the world. If a commercial facility can adopt more sustainable practices, then they have a responsibility to put them into practice. Using wall-mounted hand dryers is a sustainable and eco-friendlier solution. The use of paper towels is a less sustainable solution in comparison to hand dryers.

If you haven’t switched to hand dryers yet, now’s the time to make this transition. Wall-mounted hand dryers come in different options, like traditional ones where you place your hand under them and the ones where you insert your hands through. They come in different sizes and other options, as well. Take into account all of their benefits and compare them to your current solution. After you have them installed, you’ll be happy that you made the right decision and modernised your bathroom.

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