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What are Comment Backlinks? Build 100+ Quality Links

Comment Backlinks are created for your website or blog by commenting on others’ blogs and websites

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The common types of comment backlinks are as follows

Simple Comment Backlink

This is the most common form where you get a backlink linked to your name and is enabled by most websites.

Commentluv Enabled Comment Backlinks

A plugin called “CommentLuv” is used to attract readers to leave comments on a blog, making it a win-win situation for both the blog owner and the person who comments.

Since readers leave comments to get a good looking link back to their site, this makes the blog articles get more comments in turn.

Anchor Text Comment Backlinks

This is a form of spam where bloggers leave links with anchor text.

How to properly make a Comment Backlink

There are three ways to create comment backlink

  • Manually Blog Commenting
  • Using Blog Comment Services
  • Using Tool

Creating Blog Comment BackLinks manually is the most preferred way since it gives freedom to choose sites to comment on and reciprocate traffic while giving a chance to establish relationships with other authors/bloggers.

After collecting  the list from any of the above  sources, you can start commenting them on your relevant sites. One concern is that  you need to be cautious and write good comments, trying to avoid spammy words or comments which may be filtered by the system. As most websites allow using html, it is preferred due to its ease.

The simplified process is to be begin with making a list of 50 to 100 relevant blogs. On a daily basis start commenting on 5 to 10 blogs and keep tracking your rankings on google with time.

To confirm positive outcome, keep an eye on rankings and your rate of commenting. If the rankings are improving, you are doing it right and may continue.

If the rankings are stagnant and stuck where you had started from then that  probably means you will need to change your strategy and try to get better backlinks such as Contextual Links. This can easily be done by other outreach techniques such as Skyscraper technique or Guest Blogging.

It is important to keep in note that this method of creating backlinks may easily help you rank your blog, but it is rather suited to more general ones such as event blogs. For niche blogs it may help you somewhat to boost ratings but not as efficient as for other types of blogs, thus the method shall vary with the type of blog intended to be used for.

Blog Comment BackLinks can also be bought from marketplaces such as SEO Clerks and Fiverr, being the most famous amongst many others. These can be highly helpful for beginners for higher rankings.

A large number of easily available SEO tools are also available for those who require help in getting it up and going with live updates and real time data. Analyzing backlink popularity and tracking  your rankings to conducting keyword research for search engine optimization and much more are available through software’s such as Link bird, Check My Links, Broken Link Builder and many more.

Do Comment Backlinks play a role in ranking SEO?

This is totally dependent on the quality of the comment backlinks as well as competition.

Blogs are rated by google based on comment links, rather it be low or medium competition keywords.

Quality is what makes a difference, solely the number of links does not matter.

10 quality comment backlinks are too better than 1000 bad comments backlinks, always focus on Quality not quantity.

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