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Chameleon Glass: A Classic American Made Pipe Maker from Arizona

There are several pipe makers in the world. Some of them have recently ventured into this arena, while others are masters of this art. One such pipe maker is the Chameleon Glass: a classic American made pipe maker from Arizona. In this write-up, we will talk about everything there is to know about the chameleon glass.

What is Chameleon Glass?

As a brand, it is a family-owned business that manufactures and distributes high quality glass pipes and their accessories. Made by some of the finest glassblowers in the United States of America, these pipes are a class apart. 

As a product, any pipe that changes color while being used is called a chameleon pipe. Off late, there are several color changing pipes available. So, what makes these pipes stand out? It is the fact that each piece is manually made by a glassblower, which makes each pipe a unique one.

How to Identify a Genuine One?

One needs to closely examine a pipe to know whether it is a genuine chameleon. An original pipe is not crystal clear, as in completely transparent. There is a foggy hue to the glass. It appears as if there is residual smoke inside the pipe. There are several low quality or defective glass pipes out there. Beware of these products and do not get sold on a cheaper version. 

How does the Pipe Work (Change Color)?

It is manufactured by vaporizing a metal alloy into the pipe. The metal ions and the resin together change the color of the pipe with each use. The principle of refraction in a prism applies here with the exception that the glassblower can decide which colors to play with and add while making the pipe. With every use as the resin keeps building the pipe achieves a rich and deep color. At this point, the fogginess of the pipe disappears. But once you clean the glass pipe thoroughly, it goes back to its original foggy appearance, and once again you can have your pipe change colors.

Chameleon Glass: A Classic American Made Pipe Maker from Arizona

What makes this Arizona based glassblowing pipe making company apart is that they keep the demands of their customers in mind and add features and accessories that no one else can. They had modest beginnings in the 1990s in Trinidad. As the business grew and demand for this new high-quality glass pipe increased, they shifted their production to Phoenix, Arizona. Their artists are handpicked and each one is a talented glassblower. With over 100 artists in 10 states, the company doles out some of the finest pieces in the country. As a member of the National Association of Tobacco Outlet (NATO) and Retail Tobacco Dealers Association (RTDA), they conform to the industry standards while keeping the retailers’ requests in mind.

A glass hand pipe

What makes them a Classic Pipe making Company?

Their pieces are the finest, no doubt. Why? Because-

  1. Their pieces are handmade therefore each piece oozes brilliant craftsmanship. 
  2. Secondly, they perform quality checks on each piece, thereby minimizing any possible defects or imperfections.
  3. Third, you get what you see. I mean, the pieces delivered to the customer are the same as one sees in the catalog. Therefore, each piece has aesthetic appeal. 
  4. Fourth, they have been in this business exclusively for over 20 years now. Their pipes are indigenously manufactured, and each pipe proudly displays Made in the United States tag. 
  5. Fifth, they do not mass produce. Each piece is carefully crafted by talented artists.  
  6. The Chameleon Sticker on each glass pipe assures an authentic tobacco-smoking accessory. The sticker can be peeled before the first use.

Chameleon Glass: A Classic American Made Pipe Maker from Arizona is not just a brand but a top-notch and respected pipe maker in the world.  

Products Offered by the Company

They manufacture everything from hand pipes to bubblers, glass accessories, bongs, mini bongs, hookahs mouthpieces, etc. 

  1. Mind Blowing glass pieces- they are able to churn out thousands of unique and innovative designs. Their range of pipes is so vast that rarely you wouldn’t find a pipe suited to your style. Whether you want a clean or an intricate one, a flashy or a simple one, they have it all covered. Some popular pieces in this category are the Absolute Zero hand pipe and the Fireflow Glow in the Dark Sherlock. 
  2. Pop Culture Franchise pipes- whether you are a Harry Potter fan or a Star Wars fan, there is a pipe in your favorite design. In fact, the brand is known to dish out pop-culture franchise pipes. Some popular ones in this category are Pickle Rick Steamroller, Golden Snitch Hand pipe, Lightsaber Steamroller, Lightsaber Dabber, Morty Themed pipe, etc.
  3. Mouthpieces- an innovative one manufactured by them is called the Ash Catcher. It plays on the principle of gravity. In the sense that, the pipe removes anything heavier than the air. Therefore, all the ash gets removed and one gets to enjoy a better taste. 
  4. Hand Pipes- are engineered in such a way that they ensure smoother hits. The Typhoon hand pipe, for instance, uses centrifugal force to stick burnt ash and tar to the insides of the pipe. This technology provides a more pleasant experience.

How to Choose the Correct Chameleon pipe?

First off, be clear as to what type of puffs you prefer. As in, a milder and hotter one or stronger and cooler one. Bongs work on the principle of water filtration. The water filters out the smoke before it reaches you, thereby providing smoother puffs. While a hand pipe is perfect for causal smoking sessions, especially if you like to carry one around. Bongs are more cumbersome to carry and work best indoors. Further, bongs are a bit more intricate and complicated to clean. However, whether it’s a bong or a pipe, both function well on their own. The idea is to put your money in a glass pipe that is high in quality and aesthetic appeal.

Chameleon Glass: A Classic American Made Pipe Maker from Arizona ensures that whether you invest in a bong or a hand pipe you end up with a perfect and flawless piece.


This classic pipe making company from Arizona has raised bars for pipe makers from all over the world. They deal in reasonable and simple designs as well as in high-end and intricate works too. The company’s reputation has increased over the years because its mantra to produce elegant and beautiful pieces hasn’t changed. The company has toiled its way up to where it is placed today, a brand to reckon with. Plus, being strategically placed in Arizona, they are a perfect pitstop for smokers from both east and the west coast.


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