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Catering Van Insurance – What Do You Really Need?

The UK has welcomed the trend of mobile cafes. Van catering has changed a lot and is no longer just about ice cream trucks and coffee stands in work parking lots. Festival-goers and office employees can now enjoy intricate tacos from mobile kitchens. They have even become a must-visit for foodies seeking out the hottest trends in vegan cuisine and bacon-themed delights.

If you want to start your own catering van business, you’ll need to make sure your van, which is both your kitchen and your retail shop, is safe. You can get everything from product liability insurance to insurance for your fully-equipped food truck right here.

Catering van insurance—what is it?

Mobile catering van insurance is essential whether you run a burger truck or a food trailer that you set up at fairs and festivals.

Covering your van is just the beginning when it comes to insurance for a mobile catering business; you’ll also need to make sure your kitchen and all its equipment are protected.

What kinds of insurance are there for a catering van?

It seems to reason that there would be a wide variety of catering van insurance plans available, considering the diverse range of sizes and services offered by catering vans. Obviously, a catering van dealing with fish and chips would have quite different supplies than one selling coffee or even simply doughnuts. It’s important to consider the many sorts of insurance that might come in handy, such as:

  • Modified catering van insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Business legal insurance
  • Business equipment insurance
  • Insurance against fire, damage, or theft
  • Stock coverage
  • Goods in transit coverage

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Levels of Insurance for a Catering Van

Before taking your van out on public roads, you’ll need to have it insured like any other car. In general, you may choose from the following three types of coverage:

l  Third Party Only:

This is the least amount of coverage, and it covers damage you do to other people’s cars or property. Your own automobile is not covered in the event of damage.

l  Third Party, Fire, and Theft insurance:

The Third Party, Fire, and Theft insurance plan provides the same coverage against damage to third parties as the Third Party Only, but additionally protects you in the case that your automobile is stolen or damaged by fire.

l  Comprehensive Insurance:

Comprehensive is the highest level of coverage, and it protects your catering van in case of an accident.

Kind of catering van insurance plans

If you’re planning on using your vehicle for commercial purposes, such as a catering business, you have to get business insurance in addition to vehicle insurance.

There are major types of coverage provided by commercial insurance plans that you absolutely must have:

1.      Public liability coverage

Having public liability insurance is essential for any business that serves the general public, but is especially important for those in the food and beverage industries. Liability claims can arise from a variety of circumstances while running a mobile catering business. For example, a road accident that kills or hurts a member of the public. According on your assessment of the risk, you may choose the amount of public liability coverage included in your insurance.

2.      Employers liability insurance

Employers liability insurance is necessary if you have any workers, even if they work just part time. Employees can rely on this to cover any medical bills or lost wages they may experience as a result of an accident.

3.      Legal costs coverage

If you choose to fight a lawsuit instead of paying out, you can quickly rack up a lot of legal costs. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a legal expense plan built into your policy for your mobile catering business.

4.      Stock insurance

Insurance for inventory and appliances is another perk of securing a coverage for a catering van. This comes in handy when you need to replace pricey equipment that has broken down over time or been damaged by accident.

5.      Business interruption coverage

In the event that you are unable to work as a result of an accident or the suspension of your driver’s licence, you can be confident that you will continue to get your business income during this time.


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