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Businesspally hints the need for a Quality Business Name

The success of any company begins with a good brand name, because the name is the first thing people hear or read on business papers, in e-mail signatures etc.

The business name appears everywhere. Therefore, you should choose it carefully.

According to businesspally, your business name reflects your business idea and you can use it to build your company’s image. 

Just as your name is on your birth certificate, the name of the company is entered in the commercial register when it is founded. 

It is difficult to judge what is a good or a bad company name. Some companies have become successful despite almost unpronounceable names. 

Even the company name of “Apple” has nothing to do with the actual product and is still on everyone’s lips. 

Nevertheless, there are some procedures and tools that can help you find a good  name.

How to find Quality Business Names 

Being creative at the push of a button is not that easy. Finding a company’s name is a multi-phase process. In this article we will show you exactly what these are. 

What makes a good business name?

Some business names may add to the amusement and stay in the memory, but they would probably not be regarded as good company names. So what makes a good company name? 

In general, business names can consist of different components. The name can:

  • A person’s name be included and their own names, such as “Akin Cargo”
  • A property name and be a kind and job titles included “Xyz Cargo”
  • A fancy name or be a combination of all three variants. 
  • A good company name should definitely be unique, short and positive.
  • It should be easy to remember.

 It has been scientifically proven that pictorial names last longer in the memory. 

Particularly creative and funny company names also attract attention – but be careful – the name should fit the company and not look ridiculous, chaktty advised.

Terms that can be misleading, such as institute, finance, bio, center, bank or European, are also often inadmissible. 

In addition, the chosen name should be as easy to pronounce as possible and ideally also work abroad, Techpally marketers advised. 

A polysyllabic English name may make sense and be successful in the early years when the company only focuses on English -speaking countries.

 However, if you expand abroad, the name can become a problem and hamper the further development of your company. 

It would also be advisable not to tie the name to specific product lines or locations of the company,  as both the range and the branches of the startup can change over the years.

In order to really know how the name is received by your customers, only one thing helps, choose a name that blends well with your business ideology. This is where your idea comes to life

Should you go For Fantasy Names?

Fancy names have some advantages because they are mostly not used by competitors, they are easier to register as a trademark and can serve to increase brand awareness.

 Sex pally and Zalando are examples of fantasy names. However, in the case of unknown companies, it must always be explained what is actually behind the name.

 In addition, search engines first have to learn which industry the name should be assigned to. 

Descriptive names do not have this problem. In addition, it can lead to confusion among customers. 

Will Zalando be written again with or without some alphabets How do you pronounce “Adobe” and “Levi’s” again?

To avoid confusion, you can use the answering machine test. Say the name on the answering machine of an acquaintance / friend – without spelling it.


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