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Before you purchase Business VoIP services, make sure to understand the cost. You’ll likely be paying less than you would for a traditional phone line, but there are several things to consider. While many large VoIP vendors offer per-user-month packages, others charge by the minute or per call. This is particularly important if you have many employees in multiple locations and want to use a VoIP service for each location. Also, consider the cost of long-distance calls and call recording features.

Grasshopper is a popular VoIP provider that targets small businesses and self-employed people. With this service, you can add the phone system to your personal phone without buying an additional one. Another innovative VoIP service is Dialpad. With the service, you can use video meetings, SMS messages, and messaging. You can even use the software to transcribe meeting notes! Then there are companies like Vonage and NTT Docomo, which provide both voice and video calling services.

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Business VoIP requires a broadband connection to use it. Broadband connections can come from cable modems, DSL, or a local area network. You’ll also need a computer and a VoIP phone. Some of these services work over a computer and require special adapters for smartphones and tablets. Some providers allow you to use VoIP on a wireless connection if you have a wireless “hot spot.”


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