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(BPRW) CurlyKids Mixed Texture HairCare Hits 6,000 Retail Stores Worldwide

(From the Black PR Wire) CurlyKids Mixed Texture HairCare, a well-known black-owned family company, began with a tiny concept and has grown into a multi-million dollar brand with over 6,000 retail locations worldwide. This company was formed to believe that black is beautiful and curl texture should be cherished. The company thinks their success will influence how black youngsters regard their natural hair.

CurlyKids Mixed Texture HairCare is aware that not all black hair is created equal and that diverse textures need different components. & the huge range of CurlyKids HairCare products, tgin hair products available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Kroger, Sally Beauty, Target, Walmart, and independent stores throughout the globe reflects this fact.

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A staple of the CurlyKids Mixed Texture HairCare brand concept is helping boost the wider African American community whenever feasible. They have been long-time sponsors of the NAACP. After the Covid-19 epidemic, the firm noticed a huge need in the community to meet, so they created the Simple Grace range of antibacterial and disinfection goods.

CurlyKids Mixed Texture HairCare has also altered the black hair care market landscape by launching the first-ever hair show for curly-haired youngsters.

CurlyKids Mixed Texture HairCare also supports and mentors black youngsters by offering internships and ambassadorships that provide educational and business possibilities. In addition, the brand intends to serve as a monument to the idea that everything is possible, with the ultimate objective of providing job and leadership opportunities for black kids.

CurlyKids Mixed Texture HairCare Facts:

Mixed Texture HairCare has been supporting children’s hair adventures with affordable, high-quality products since 2010. Curly Kids Mixed Texture was created for curly, kinky, coily, wavy, or frizzy hair. Sulfate and paraben-free, their products may be found in Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger, Sally Beauty, Target, and Walmart shops, as well as online at https://wigoos.com/.

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