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Ultimate Guide to Selecting Boxing Shorts for Women

Females are very much in the lead when it comes to boxing. As a female boxer, you can be unstoppable in the ring by making the right choices for yourself. Choosing accurate gear and boxing apparel contributes a lot to your success.

Boxing is a demanding sport that requires your sky-high energy and seamless movements. A wholesale boxing shorts can make this task easier for you. The cost-effectiveness and elastic materials can make your footwork exceptional.

You can fulfill the requirements of precise and prompt movements with ease. Nevertheless, it all comes down to the right selection.

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Let’s get going.

Did you know? Boxing shorts for women come in various styles, including traditional boxing shorts, boyshorts, and high-waisted designs. These styles cater to different preferences and body types.

Showcasing girl power: Reboot your self-esteem with ideal boxing shorts

As a woman, you can take the lead in the ring by selecting the most appropriate pair of shorts. A good and potent athletic short can contribute a lot to your success. The ease of movement makes you feel in control and helps boost your performance.

This guide will disclose the main pointers you should look for in custom-made boxer shorts.

Review your requirements

Before you get your hands on most premium boxing shorts, it is important to determine your requirements. The type of sport you’re opting for greatly influences your boxing apparel. You should align everything beforehand to get an ideal pair of boxing shorts.

Here’s how you should select your boxing apparel.

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  • Training vs. competition shorts

You need to figure out the requirements for your boxing shorts. If you’re looking forward to your training session, a training boxer short will be an ideal pick. Training shorts can be used in sparring or workouts in the gym.

Training shorts offer a relaxed fit and allow unrestricted movement during practice sessions. In comparison, competition shorts are designed for official boxing matches. These shorts are manufactured per the rules and regulations set by governing boxing organizations. 

Competition shorts are snug fit yet provide comfort.

  • Length preferences

Boxing shorts come in various sizes and lengths. You can choose boxer shorts length as per your preference.

  1. Traditional length

Traditional boxing short lengths are usually straight and slightly flare in style. The ample room for movement is ideal for both competition and training.

2. Boyshort length

Boyshort shorts offer a shorter inseam and snugger fit than traditional ones. It offers a more form-fitting and stylish look. You can choose boyshort length shorts for a contemporary look.

3. High-waist

High-waist shorts come with higher waistbands. It offers a unique and fashionable look and ensures a secure fit for training and competition.

Material matters

Material is the most crucial choice in boxing apparel. You must look for materials that provide stretchability, breathability, and comfort. You can choose from the following materials in boxing apparel.

  • Satin

Satin is the most profound choice for boxing shorts. The smooth and glossy texture makes it a good pick for premium and modern boxing shorts. Moreover, its lightweightness, breathability, and comfort make it suitable for intense matches.

  • Polyester

Polyester blends offer moisture-wicking properties. It offers resistance against wrinkles and shrinkage. The polyester material is ideal for competition and training purposes.

  • Nylon

Nylon has durable and moisture-wicking properties. Nylon offers a comfortable fit and is chosen for training purposes.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber is a soft and lightweight material that provides comfort and flexibility. Also, its moisture-wicking feature offers you a dry and moisture-free workout.

  • Spandex or lycra

Spandex or lycra is often used for extra flexibility and stretch. It allows a range of motion and offers a comfortable fit with waistbands and panels.

Search for brand and quality

To look out for a reputable custom-short brand should be your priority. With quality boxing shorts, you can create an impact in the ring. Also, you should balance the equation between quality and budget for an accurate choice.

There are various credible brands offering quality boxing apparel at budget rates. You can make your choices easier and more engaging by opting for it.

Maintenance and care

For powerful combat, it’s not only acquiring the right pair of boxing apparel that is significant. You should also be familiar with maintaining and caring for it. Store your boxing apparel in a cool and dry place.

Wash it with mild detergent and air dry to extend its longevity. Look out for early wear and tear issues to get instant replacements.

Additional accessories

As a female boxer, you not only require customized boxing shorts. You must also attain sports bras and boxing shoes to make your combat seamless. The comfort and fit of a sports bra help you take control of your game.

You can personalize your boxing attire as per your requirements. Moreover, you can add layers of protection in the form of hand wraps and mouthguards for matchless combat skills.

Find more insights in the FAQ section.


Do women’s boxing shorts have moisture-wicking properties?

You’re most likely to get women boxing shorts with moisture-wicking properties. However, you should look for such shorts to improve your performance.

What materials are commonly used for women’s boxing shorts?

Women’s boxing shorts consist of materials such as satin, polyester, and fabric blends. Each material offers breathability, durability, and comfort.

Are customization options available in women’s boxing shorts?

Female boxers can easily customize their boxing shorts. Choose your chosen color, patterns, and design for an engaging contest.


As a female boxer, you should be well aware of your choices. The flexibility and comfort that comes with an ideal pair of athletic shorts can make you ferocious. You must search for a reputable brand to explore a wide range of wholesale boxing shorts.

We have made the hard job easy for you! You can head to the Infinitude Fight for a high-quality and exciting range of boxing apparel. They offer a wide variety of custom boxing shorts and robes. 

You can possess power and dominance in the ring by opting for the right boxing gear and apparel. Create a dominant boxer look and ignite the fire in you!

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