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Best URL shortener websites alternatives to bitly

Nowadays, Bitly alternatives are widely available online. However, if you didn’t know what to anticipate beforehand, it could feel a little overwhelming.

In general, an effective link shortener aids in modernizing the appearance of your website. It is simpler to evaluate your performance aside from that.

However, one of the most widely used link shorteners on the Internet is Bitly. In addition to the benefits provided, its alternatives have a number of additional benefits that you want to take into account.

For instance, one of the platforms that stopped operating for specific reasons was Google’s URL shortener. As a result, you can find other services that, for the most part, allow you to create a more memorable address from scratch.

T2M URL Shortener 

One of the best websites that combines a bitly alternatives for URL shorteners with branded links is T2M URL shortener. It offers a feature-rich dashboard and an easy way to shorten your long URL and track each and every click. It provides bulk functions via CSV import and export tools, a fully functional API, and many other options.

It also provides geo-location-based deep analytics.

T2M URL shortener grants you access to the network system for executing quick online tasks. Currently, you can shorten links for sharing and create link collections, which are like an editable store list that permits you to upload and share photographs.


Some services that offer a URL shortener feature are quite straightforward yet effective. It includes Tiny.cc. Despite the platform’s simplicity, it is more than sufficient to obtain a shortened URL for promotional purposes.

It is not necessary to first create and register an account. Access to tracking statistics and other fundamental analysis tools is simple.

You will also learn about the browsers that were used, the geolocation, and much more. Other intriguing aspects of Tiny.cc could be:

  • Create a unique URL slug for your purposes.
  • Create links for email marketing campaigns and other uses.
  • Keep track of the statistics for every link you’ve made.


Rebrandly provides URL shortening technology that is packed with functionality. This web-based tool lets you make customized, branded, and short links that people will remember. This URL shortener can be used to create and distribute short links across various social media platforms.

Rebrandly may be the best URL shortener for teams because it also allows you to differentiate workspaces and teammates. It also has additional features like support for link retargeting.


Polr is such a great app. Open source Bitly substitute to help your campaigns. It might not be appropriate for beginners or people without any prior knowledge of Lumen, PHP, or MySQL, though.

The user interface is quite exciting and contemporary. There are various restrictions on how you can evaluate the traffic from each link. Additionally, this platform enables you to brand your domain name more effectively.

More than anything else, Polr is cost-free and a great option for people who are proficient in technical understanding. You can look at this platform’s feature-rich demo page before committing. Once you’ve registered, it’s simple to maintain and keep track of every link you’ve established.


Shorby is one of the top Bitly alternatives you can find on the market. You can utilize the website in your Instagram bio in addition to shortening your website’s URL. This platform enables you to compile all of the crucial links in one location.

Updates are available for all of the links. If you use Instagram in your advertising, it will be such an important component. The cost of Shorby, however, varies depending on how many different kinds of content you want to display in your Instagram bio.


Even while it might seem like all the alternatives on the list above are the same, link shorteners are not all made equal. Knowing what you want and how you’ll use your choice are therefore essential.

Short.io might be the ideal pick if all you need is a cost-free solution to assist your small organization. The free edition is more than sufficient to increase the exposure of your small business. Additionally, it provides profitable transactions to business clients.

However, TinyURL is another excellent choice that you should seriously take into account first. This option would be extremely beloved by casual users who require a simple answer.

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