The value propositions of applications for human resources are evolving, much like the field itself. Main firms in Saudi Arabia are utilising HR software to optimise and more fully engage with their workforces. Administrative tools to facilitate information collecting and enable worker self-service are becoming standard. The Sierra-Cedar analysis reveals that HR apps are crucial to a company’s ability to oversee both the usage of confidential employee data and workforce productivity and tradition. A human resource management consulting firm with a focus on helping small firms is called Human Resource Solutions.

Various benefits of the human resource solution in Saudi Arabia can be as follows: 

  • Attendance monitoring: Companies lose time and money as a result of timecard fraud. Fraud can take many different forms, such as taking excessively lengthy lunches, or “buddy punching,” which occurs when a co-worker signs in for a worker who is running late and billing for hours that weren’t worked. Some of these problems are resolved by time clock systems that require employees to swipe their worker IDs to check-in.
  • Metrics: For effective HR fee management, compliance risk management, and increased employee engagement, access to metrics for analysis is crucial. The HR system is the main source of those data. In fact, according to Oracle research, HR may soon surpass finance in terms of being an analytics-driven function. Information is used by HR departments to make decisions about future staffing plans and forecast turnover in key positions. The enterprise may more easily link measurements to enterprise goals when accurate information is readily available and can be evaluated in real-time.
  • Efficiency and productivity: According to a study by Sierra-Cedar, approximately 80% of organisations in Saudi Arabia utilise HR software to streamline processes or make data collection easier. Without a doubt, businesses with cutting-edge HRMS systems benefit greatly from features that help retain talent while freeing up the HR team to work on duties that provide value and reduce audit results.
  • Simplified advantages of administration: Even for small businesses, the process of developing and maintaining employee benefits is complicated. In reality, the cost of health insurance consistently emerges as the largest issue for small businesses, including the extremely small businesses evaluated by health researcher The Commonwealth Fund. It can be difficult to keep up with ever-changing government rules and regulations, as well as the time needed for administration and paperwork.
  • Employee experience/morale: The headlines were seen by many HR specialists. The average level of employee engagement in 2020, according to a widely reported Gallup poll, was just 36%. Those in managerial or leadership roles saw the sharpest fall in employee engagement, which among other patterns was more pronounced for those working onsite as opposed to at home. The tools included in Saudi HR software help to enhance the working environment for employees. Examples include often using pulse surveys to gauge sentiment, connecting users to apps that provide peer recognition and using gamification to offer discounts on benefits.
  • Cost savings: Given that salaries, payroll taxes, and benefits are frequently among the largest line items, managing payroll and benefits expenditures is a primary issue for all firms. Human resources departments have several ways to decrease costs thanks to HR administration technologies, except compromising the employee experience. Let’s look at how much health insurance is costing. A company can increase its clout when negotiating rates with carriers by keeping a closer eye on information about benefits.
  • Employee development/retention: Talent administration tools represent the largest HR software investment in Saudi Arabia for the companies assessed by Sierra-Cedar; the most popular capabilities sought are those related to hiring, onboarding, and general performance management. Given the time and money organisations invest in hiring employees, this is no longer surprising: According to research by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), filling a vacancy typically takes 42 days and recruits cost an organisation $4,219 on average.
  • Reduced errors: Small businesses place high importance on automating payroll because human data entry causes the majority of payroll problems. In addition to the time needed to fix errors, incorrect tax withholding exposes the organisation to IRS fines.
  • Regulatory compliance: Human resources have traditionally been responsible for ensuring that the company complies with state and federal laws, and their role is only expanding in this regard. As a result of everything from cybersecurity breaches to completely new work practices and changes to labour laws brought on by the pandemic, HR must now answer for HR compliance issues.
  • Improved decision-making: HR professionals may concentrate on improving the overall employee experience when they aren’t spending a lot of time on administrative tasks and have confidence in the accuracy of worker administration, payroll, and benefits. HR applications in Saudi If the administrator of the benefits isn’t consumed with attempting to ensure compliance and delivering reports, she can look for innovative ways to inform and involve the workers in the benefits that are available to them, boosting morale and aiding in retention.
  • Priority to employee autonomy and empowerment: The majority of HR functions in Saudi Arabia are self-service through an HR portal. Today, employees sign into their accounts to clock in and exit as necessary. They use the same account to submit grievances and requests, request leave, update personal information, and do daily tasks. In addition, they get access to business policies, their wage breakdown, and their attendance history. Today’s workflow procedures are built into systems like people, making it possible to schedule tasks, get notifications when they are due, easily access employee data and paperwork, and much more. This not only helps HR concentrate on strategic thinking and human intervention but also frees up HR’s time.

The most obvious benefits of human resource consultant in Saudi Arabia are those related to the amount of time saved by the administration. When an employee can stop wasting hours on HR administration and paperwork, she can turn her attention to other priorities. In addition, the most significant HR solutions offered by the HR software help to boost the productivity of employees by ensuring that they have access to the information they need when they need it. This can be especially helpful in enabling employees to work from home, which can reduce the time it takes for employees to respond when urgent situations arise.

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