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Before purchasing human hair extensions, what should you know?

Extensions drastically alter your hairdo, adding volume and length in a short amount of time. Additionally, they are a simple and effective way to hide a lousy haircut or prepare for an important event. But acquiring human hair extensions is not something you should do casually. Before purchasing hair extensions, there are a few things to consider. Examine our compiled list of things to think about before purchasing hair extensions.

1. The best human hair extension length for you

Regarding the length of your authentic remy human hair extensions, it’s important to be practical. Make sure to properly integrate your length if your hair is short (above the shoulder), especially if you don’t have layers, to avoid going overboard. The ledge-like cut will appear to be sharp. Our systems are between 14″ and 20″ long. Wear any length extensions as long as you have enough hair to cover the top weft. You can need extra clip-in hair extensions if your hair is shorter in a single system.

The best human hair extension length for you

2. Understanding The Best Human Hair Extensions System

The quantity, bases, and lengths vary from set to set of clip-in hair extensions. Look at your hair and the volume you wish to add with extensions. Depending on the thickness and length of their desired hair, some people wear 4 clip-ins at a time, while others prefer to wear 8–10 pieces of clip-ins. For length, you’ll need more balayage clip-in hair extensions if your hair is longer; for volume, you’ll need fewer pieces if your hair is shorter. Less hair is accessible on each weft the more components there are in a single system. The more hair on the system, the fewer parts there are in a single system.

3. How long do you spend caring for your hair extensions?

Is heat-resistant synthetic hair preferable to a human hair? Depending on how much time you want to spend styling, synthetic hair might be better than real remy human hair extensions. Heat-friendly synthetic rarely needs to be styled and seamlessly blended with your natural hair. However, this sort of fiber does not last as long. Human hair is very strong and long-lasting, but true remy human hair extensions must be heated up every time they are worn.

caring for your hair extensions

4. What Sort Of Hair Extensions Do You Own?

Take into account both the quantity of hair you have and the texture of your hair (is it fine or coarse?). This might help your stylist decide what authentic remy human hairstyle strategy is best for your hair. It changes depending on the person.

5. What Is Your Budget For The Finest Human Hair Extensions?

Consider your entire budget while purchasing authentic remy human hair extensions. With your help, determine the price and length of the kinky curly hair extensions.

Pro tip: It does not end once you leave the salon; you must also care for them.

Budget For The Finest Human Hair Extensions


Why not visit our salon and see what we can do for your hair? We provide a wide range of services, so you can count on us to help you find whatever you’re looking for. Whether you want a new haircut, some summer highlights, or something completely different, we have stylists who can make your dreams come true. Our salon offers balayage services and expert hair care for trims, major cuts, extensions, and other services. 

Whether it’s been a few weeks or years, our stylists will give you a cut and style you’ll love. You’re ready to get real remy human hair extensions after considering these five factors! Remember to consult your stylist thoroughly about your decision so that you are fully prepared for the hair extension process. Enhance your hair and transform it into beautiful bob in minutes with True Glory Hair clip-in hair extensions. Get TGH’s human hair extensions and show off your beautiful curly hair like never before!


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