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Effective Phone Storage Management Tips By Banbridge’s Mobile Phone Repair Experts

A storage device is hidden deep within the body of your cell phone, just like a hard drive. It’s impossible to remove, but that is not the point here. The storage is utilized for your applications, audio, videos, images, and many other items, which is the key point.

Is your Android or iPhone lagging? The main reason for this may be insufficient storage. Therefore, you must regularly check your storage. Do you want to know how to manage your phone’s storage efficiently? Here are some useful tips by experts from Banbridge’s mobile phone repair stores. Let’s keep reading!

How to Free Up Space on Your Phone – Expert Tips by Banbridge’s Phone Repair Technicians

You can quickly boost the speed and efficiency of your smartphone by using different methods for managing storage. You can follow a few tips and tactics below to do this on your phone.

But first,

Analyze Your Phone’s Storage Statistics

You must first analyze the storage division. Check how much storage is being used and where. This will help you decide what unnecessary things you have to erase.

  • Go to settings.
  • Click Storage.
  • On Samsung, you can find it in the settings’ general tab.

Use a Cloud Storage Service

Phone repair experts highly recommend this. It is a clever approach to multiply the amount of storage space you have. Today, several cloud backup software options, like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc., offer a safe way to store your data on cloud-based servers. It saves your data using powerful data encryption to provide you with a protected network. Additionally, you can restore and back up data anytime and from any place.

Use a Micro SD card

This is a simple way to increase your smartphone’s storage. Use sd cards with high transfer rates to add extra storage to your smartphone. Memory cards with a Class 6 or Class 10 rating will perform better. Depending on what your smartphone can handle, you can increase the storage to 32GB or more. You can use a memory card reader to use it on if your phone does not support one.

Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

Your phone comes with pre-installed apps that include bloatware. Applications from third-party software developers or those developed by the manufacturer may be included. These preinstalled apps frequently contain features you aren’t using or don’t plan to use anytime soon. As a result, all this data sits idle on your smartphone, taking up valuable space and slowing down. You can prevent this by removing all the unnecessary programs and applications from your cell phone.

Click on Settings > App Manager and slide right to see all apps.  Find the application you wish to disable by scrolling through the list of apps. Open the app, then select “Disable.”

Delete Duplicate Files

With time, duplicate files, audio, videos, images, and other things pile up on your phone. Without any reason, these similar files take up a lot of space. The most efficient method for managing storage is to delete duplicate files. You can manually clean your phone to get better results or use identical file removal software to remove these files. These tools are effective in quickly and efficiently deleting all such files.

Clear Cache

Use this technique to regain some valuable space quickly. Your phone’s app cache takes up a lot of space; deleting it might help you restore space and enhance performance. 

  • Click Storage > Cached Data and tap OK to delete all cache for all apps immediately.  
  • Go to Settings > Apps > slide right to access the All Apps tab to delete each app’s cache. Then select the specific app and tap the “Clear Cache” option. To automatically clear the cache, we advise using a cache cleaner application.

You can use the abovementioned tips by Banbridge’s phone repair experts to quickly get some free storage space on your phone and to properly manage storage in the long run.

Nothing Works? Visit a Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Banbridge

Tried everything, but is your phone still sluggish? This may be a sign of serious hardware damage. Do you live in Banbridge? We advise taking your device to a local mobile phone repair Banbridge. Luckily, the area is home to many trustworthy phone repair services. There are many well-known and reliable stores here, like The Gadget Xchange. Their highly trained and experienced phone repair experts will make sure to identify the problem and fix it in no time.


How frequently should I free up space on my Android device?

Although there is no definite answer to this, we advise cleaning up the storage once per month, at the very least. Your usage may require you to do this more often.

How much free storage should I have on my Android device?

Experts believe that if you have less than 200MB of free storage space, your Android device will begin to display issues, but that’s a little too close. We advise leaving at least 3–4GB of free space. This should make sure that there is enough space for both updates and temporary files.

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