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Bali’s Beach Club Best Recommendation to Spend the Rest of the Day

Bali is a heaven on earth with many enjoyable things to do. The beach, the locals, the food, the drink, and anything you can get in Bali is so special. You can get all of these things in Bali’s finest beach club.

There are many notable beach clubs that you can go for. For the perfect enjoyment, just take a long trip and stay at the hotels in Bali itself. They always got your back for the perfect services. You can book your room at The Apurva Kempinski Bali or elsewhere before going for a beach party in a club.

So, here is the list of the best beach clubs in Bali that you must visit. Let’s check it out!

  1. Cattamaran Beach Club Bali

Cattamaran is one of the hottest new beach clubs in Bali. Designed by locals to present Balinese vibes, the beach club is surrounded by perfectly white sand and goofy waves. Cattamaran gets its very best panorama on Melasti Beach.

Not only the naturally-haven look, but the club also gets you perfect facilities. There are two infinity pools with a jacuzzi, lots of sofas, and daybeds. If you wanna go private, you can throw a party in VIPs rooms. Last but not least, every weekend Cattamaran will get you to dance to the music from international DJs of course with one of the best views in town!

  1. The Lawn

Looking to chill with a perfect sunset? The Lawn is the perfect place. One of Canggu’s finest offers you a combination of perfect sunset spots with the amazing waves whirling. You can take a seat at the seaside or on the poolside.

One of the best things you can get aside from Batu Bolong Beach is their very own stylish cocktails. You can enjoy your free time here with your friends and family by the daybeds or go for a seaside walk for the island vibes.

  1. Potato Head Beach Club

On the top-notch Bali beach club, Potato Head is one of the best. The perfect thing to do in this place is to chilling with chit-chat alongside the smooth tunes around you. Even, they got the music curated by international DJs.

This one of the most Bali-esque places offers you enormous amounts of food and cocktails. Beginner tips, go early and book the best seat just before sunset goes down with your beachgoer’s friends to the maximum enjoyment.

  1. Finns Beach Club

The Canggu’s iconic place, Finns Beach Club is one of the best clubs to visit. Located on the Berawa beach, this place offers you many enjoyable things to experience. You can go for cocktails first before going all-in for the party.

They also have their very own party beneath the stars for the partygoers or you can just lounging on your own sunbed, take a glass of Mojito at the pool bar, and dance to the perfect music.

  1. Tropicola

Tropicola is built with the perfection of Pina Colada, palm trees, and the beach. Located in Seminyak, Tropicola is one of Bali’s finest places to visit. They got you a lot of things to enjoy as beachgoers.

These 7000 square-meter places bring you full enjoyment with three bars across, two giant pools, and many worthy spots for cocktail-sipping. One word, just don’t miss the chance to go to this place and enjoy their gourmet food, cocktail, and of course the perfect music.

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