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How Backlinks Works?, 3+ Superb Methods Of Getting Backlinks

The quality, quantity & relevance of a website or a web page content are among the elements which Search engines analyze in order to judge & come up with how much a certain page is important. There’s another major element called Backlink. It indirectly increases the chances of being the top-ranked page on search engines.

The backlink is a link which is referred to one’s website from an external website. This is why It is also called external links & inbound links. So as mentioned above, a website links to another website which increases the importance. Backlinks can be a way to have top ranked website. But only if backlinks are connected in a natural flow. Otherwise it could be a major fail. And can lower authenticity by PageRank system. It can also get ones website reported for faking links or being connected to spam or third party websites.

How backlinks works?

Banklink as mentioned above is a major element for building authenticity & relevance in the sight of search engines like google. This way one has hundreds of visitors a day, content on one of the first 3 pages of google, and another backlink coming their way because of an organic backlink on their webpage itself.



Here’s one example given to clearly understand how backlink works.

David Beckham, a content writer wrote an article about recent awards that took place in Orlando, Florida for his website.

Lucy an online magazine editor disagrees with some of David’s statements from his recent article and shares her point of view. And also connects a backlink with David Beckham’s article to let the visitors know the background story and both points of view. Everyone liked what Lucy had to say and she gets many backlinks from various authentic websites and gets famous for her response to David’s article. Meanwhile, David Beckham’s article got one backlink only but a valuable and authentic Backlink. In addition, he gets many visitors who came after Lucy referred an inbound link to his article to share both points of view for visitors to read. As said above!

This is how a natural communication among websites take place. Its doesn’t only help a website get high ranks but also helps the world’s web as a whole to stay alive in the virtual world.

Methods of getting Backlinks

There are some smart methods to get organic traffic by quality backlinks for website and improve domain authority. Here are they:

Building Broken-link Method

This method helps produce back-link with one way. This technique requires to get in contact with a webmaster who has broken-links on their website to report them.

Then politely recommend other websites or webpages links especially your website links to replace that broken backlink with.

Usage of Broken link method

First of all find the “relevant to your niche webpages” with resource pages.

Type these search queries on Google:

  • Keywords + resources
  • Keywords + links
  • Keyword in URL + links

For example, one has a sports website, they will search with Sports + links. There’s a Google chrome plugin to easily find broken backlinks on websites.

Here’s the link to install it.

Using this software will quickly find all 404 broken-links.

Pro tip:

When connecting to the webmaster be friendly and tell him that these resources are no more available on the internet. Try to be helpful. This technique works most of the time if your way of approach is professional. This way you’re helping the webmaster to get this error corrected and on the other hand, getting a quality backlink also.

Promote your content

Having great, relevant, meaningful content won’t get any backlinks. Until or Unless you can promote it right. It would take an email-reach out in the internet world to get your article promoted. The best strategy to promote is to contact weekly or monthly content providing websites or bloggers.


How to promote

For that you need to:

  • Search for “Keywords + Roundup”
  • Make sure to filter the search engines by putting past week or month on time to get new results.
  • Go to the resulted websites and contact the webmasters.
  • Introduce yourself & website/niche and send them the proposal with one of your best guide/tutorial/post.
  • If they find it relevant, informative & to the point. They will definitely give a backlink to the webpage in their next roundup content.

As these websites or bloggers are always looking for great content. Once find someone good. They do respond back.

Backlinks through Infographics

This is the most effective & popular method to get quality backlinks. Infographics not only gives huge traffic & backlinks but they’re easy to understand & share.

Infographics is the visual presentation of information, that is being conveyed through any guide/tutorial/blogpost with the help of funky doodles/drawing or virtual paintings on the internet. So as everyone love the addition of visuals, this has considerably increased the usage of infographics.

Usage of infographics.

Choosing your infographics start with steps as mentioned below.

  • Follow currently trending topic related to your blog or website
  • Search for statistical data for your infographics and what type of visuals are most liked.
  • To get started with writing, do research and gather authentic & informative data for your content.
  • Find a designer on Dribble with best portfolios who can make infographics for you that is related to the content.
  • Fiverr is another platform to get a designer with desired skills.
  • Once the infographic is made. Make it convenient for people to share it.
  • For that one needs to get a embed code. It can be made using “Siege Media Generator”
  • Once everything is done and your content with infographics is on website. It’s the right time to send it to infographic directories.
  • Here the link to 100 directories, one can distribute their infographics to.

  • Reach out to websites to have back links with similar infographics and ask for feedback. Don’t send them links and be welcoming to them. If they like, they know what’s to do next.

This is how one can have organic & quality backlinks referred to their content. These few method are the most popular and will definitely help anyone trying to grab traffic with backlinks as a plus point on their website. For more articles visit here



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