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Artificial Garden Grass: Installation Guide

It is clear that artificial grass has become extremely popular in a short period of time. Many people are replacing traditional natural grass with artificial grass. Because of the many advantages of artificial grass The main advantages of having artificial grass are saving water, time and money. The costs of hiring a professional installer are quite high. Many people install it themselves. If you are planning to install artificial grass in your own garden. The following installation guide will surely help you:

1. Digging: Before installing the artificial garden grass: You need to dig the area where you will install the grass. Digging should be done at a depth of three to four centimeters. If there is an irrigation system nearby You must divert

2. Bender Board Installation: Most bender boards are made from recycled materials, but when purchasing, make sure they are undamaged and completely waterproof. It is good to install a plastic bending plate. Installed along all boundaries This ensures that the rim is strong enough to withstand back and forth traffic. You will find a wooden cutting board. But don’t use it because it is not waterproof and breaks easily.

3. Installing Artificial Grass for Gardens: Artificial grass is just a 50 mm grass carpet that needs to be spread over the area where you want to install the lawn. with a sharp knife and a cutter Mow the grass according to the size of the area. Usually galvanized staples are used to secure the lawn edge. Some people also use a U-shaped hook. But galvanized rafters are a better option.

4. Grass Fill: After the artificial garden grass is installed: The next step is to add grass to make it stand up. SBR, or styrene-butadiene rubber, is a traditional filler. SBR consists of rubber granulate made from recycled car and bicycle tires. The only problem with this filling is that it can come off. It can adhere to your pet’s paws and to children’s clothes or shoes. As a result, manufacturers have released many alternatives to SBR. Some of these alternatives are more environmentally friendly. You can also opt for an unfilled artificial grass. They have blades of grass and a layer of straw that acts as a support.

5. Garden maintenance: Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. But any maintenance procedure must be performed with care. If there is a stain between the grass or the stick-resistant object It should be cleaned carefully with a broom or a garden brush. Water your lawn at least once a month to keep it shiny.

This set of instructions should be helpful to you. Be careful when choosing an artificial grass company. Only choose well-known brands. This ensures that artificial grass is sustainable. And you don’t have to change for at least another ten years.

Fake grass has gotten better and better in recent years. Not only will it be easy to find quality products. But now it really feels like weed. What used to look like hard, rough industrial carpets is a thing of the past.

What makes fake grass better? Grass production techniques have come a long way. It is an economical and environmentally friendly product that offers very attractive benefits. You used to see it only in a big sports club, now you see it in your neighbor’s backyard.

Although the use of 60mm artificial grass has many advantages. But these are the main benefit groups. How to make your life easier is the main benefit. Everyone is trying to manage their very busy life these days. Mowing the lawn or planting grass seed is another tedious task. Let’s face it: spend 2 or 3 hours of your already stressful day. Having fake grass is invaluable for people who cannot maintain their own lawn and for those who have vacation homes. Saves the trip home to care for the lawn.

then there’s the environment Watering and planting grass seed is an increasing problem these days, the weather is warmer and water restrictions are becoming stricter.

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Artificial grass does not require a lawnmower, which is good for the environment because the lawnmower uses gases that pollute the air. In addition, watering is not necessary, which saves water consumption. when no irrigation No water will run off bringing chemicals into the drainage system.

As for the dog Fake grass can be cleaned And dogs can’t dig or track down mud in the house. This is suitable for kennels. The area around the pool often gets muddy due to water coming out of the pool.


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