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Are You Feeling Tempted by the Moldavite Jewelry Trend? Here is an In-Depth Information

Moldavite is a gemstone that can render healing effects to the body. The transparent green piece of stone is also famous as maldivite or maldevite. Some believe it is the most potent natural opal ever formed in this galaxy. Because it has risen in popularity, jewelry makers use this stone in many ways through different designs to help people include it in their daily lives. Those who believe in its healing properties say that it helps them by lowering their stress levels, heightening their consciousness, and heightening focus. So, what are you thinking now? Do you also want to make this stone a part of your personality?

Although Moldavite jewelry comes in various styles, the Moldavite necklace still gets the highest preference for different reasons. You can check the In-depth Moldavite Necklace Guide for some ideas. Nevertheless, the stone reflects a bright emerald green color, almost an opaque and glassy shade that only gets better with time as mild abrasions add to its natural characteristics and appeal. Some people display Moldavite jewelry because they feel the piece is pretty, but some attribute it to religious significance, although there are no definitive studies about the property. According to zodiac sign readers, anyone born under the 22nd of April can wear jewelry. However, that’s not a rule. Moldavite can benefit all zodiac signs, not just Aries or Taurus.

The tips for wearing Moldavite jewelry

Moldavite stands out for its deep green texture and how it fractures. It has a vibrant green appearance to it, but it also carries a unique vibrational frequency that changes continuously, as ascribed to by people who claim to have felt its powers. A believer of Moldavite’s energetic vibration might relate how the gemstone helps in one’s connection with the supreme entity while at the same time encouraging positive feelings.

Real Moldavite often comes with an intense frequency that might result in heightened senses and emotional release when exposed to its presence over a prolonged time. Real Moldavite lets off such magnetic frequencies because – rather like quartz – it can emit crystal clear sound waves and congruent photons detectable through human senses and beyond via the application of techniques that open up specific chakras within our being. If you are wearing it as a piece of jewelry without thinking about its benefits, you can opt for one – a necklace or pendant – hassle-free. But if your focus is tapping into its healing strengths, you may want to consult someone. Or, at least, you should gather enough details about the dos and don’ts of wearing it.

Since this stone can lead to the opening of the cosmic energy portal, as a conscious wearer of this specific stone jewelry, you would want to choose the right thing and know how to use it. As you already know, Moldavite pendants or necklaces are pretty standard. And the good thing is you don’t have to worry much about adorning it. You can include it in your style with a cord, chain, or choker. Length can also be as per your wish. Generally, people prefer to dangle it in the center of their chest. Some keep its size till their throat line, and others go with longer extensions, reaching their Solar Plexus Chakra.

If you didn’t know, all these areas indicated above have to do with your emotional and energy fields. Establishing contact of any of these areas with a Moldavite crystal can create transformational changes in your physical and mental aspects.

However, you can also choose a ring made from this stone and slip it on your right or left-hand finger. Again, if you desire to create any healing effect, you would want to place it on a selected finger for the purpose because each finger tends to have a unique meaning. For example, the thumb can be the carrier of your innermost feelings and wishes. It also represents your creative expressions. The index finger points at the choice of life path and helps you get closer to your higher being. The middle finger has to do with the reflection of your personality before the world. If someone is an introvert, they can wear this stone ring on the middle finger for effect.

The ways to differentiate real Moldavite from a fake jewelry

Moldavite jewelry is a high-quality piece of jewelry collected around the world. When ordering or buying real Moldavite, it’s essential to know how to spot the differences between fake and genuine specimens. The use of green glass and other fused glass jewelry supplies  in imitation moldavite has been common because it is easier to cut and polish than moldavite stones themselves. Imitation green glass, though cheaper, look so close to Moldavite that even experts have struggled to tell the difference on a few occasions. However, if you commit to it with keen observation skills, you can identify artificial and natural specimens quite simply.

Moldavite possesses an abundance of bubbles and a unique greenish hue. Its texture reflects these two characteristics since light can pass through it. The appearance can sometimes give away if a particular stone might not be genuine. Any piece that doesn’t fit this description may not be authentic, and the best way to tell is first to use your eyes to look it over, but if you still have questions, certain professionals will be able to help you determine whether or not a piece is genuine.

The things about the popularity of Moldavite jewelry

Moldavite is an unusual type of stone shot in popularity with people worldwide for different reasons. Some people believe it has powers that help a person to transform. Its association with other planets and extraterrestrial beings is one of them. However, its existence only in a limited part of the Earth makes many wonder how long will it be around. Because rare stones become precious, so you can imagine the situation. At the same time, Moldavite offers people many benefits, including being able to heal them spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Those who focus more on chakras regularly use stones like Moldavite and jewelry made from the rock to better their meditation practices.

Some people go for it for good luck, and others depend on it for its ability to harmonize brain and memory. People also use the stone in meditation, as mentioned earlier, to align their third eye and heart chakra. And if you want to improve your love and relationship status, wearing its necklace close to your chest area can be helpful.

The caring and maintenance of Moldavite

Moldavite is a glass, and as such, it is pretty fragile. Due to its fragility, you should treat it with care. Breakage is common for Moldavite, so make sure that you are careful with how much of your weight you place on the crystals when you buy it. Keeping your Moldavite in the soft pouch with it is the best way to keep your crystal edges from getting chipped or broken due to accidental mishandling.

Aside from storing it carefully, clearing and charging your Moldavite can bring a sense of renewal – especially since, as a crystal, Moldavite comes in handy in many different ways. More precisely, adapting a cleansing ritual will provide a means of renewing the energy in your Moldavite’s aura and yours. In this process, you can expose it to moonlight or sunlight. Some also recommend a sound bath for its cleansing.

Are you planning to buy a Moldavite necklace, then?

Although rare, these small meteorites can be pretty costly. The uncommon stone requires a lengthy extraction process from deep underground. As a result, even smaller rocks become quite pricey if and when you outlive your luck in getting your hands on one. The typical Moldavite is usually a few centimeters in size or less, so it’s perfect for a pendant. Many people love to wear them as necklaces, but no official reports say wearing them as a necklace would be beneficial to anyone with health problems. So, wear it how you want – don’t think about anything else.

However, if you are particularly interested in leveraging its high vibrancy frequency, you should look for the higher quality stones with such impact. That means the price will be automatically super high.

Wearing a piece of authentic Moldavite jewelry is one of the easiest ways to draw upon the Earth’s naturally occurring power right at your fingertips. Throughout history, the gorgeous green gemstone has been there to bring good fortune, support positive transformation, and protect its wearer from negative energies that might otherwise be counter-productive for whatever you’re working on for so long. It’s best to purchase authentic Moldavite through reputable jewelers and crystal dealers who make unusual, rare, and often one-of-a-kind jewelry of stones with beautiful healing properties. If the seller has GIA certification or valid quality authorization, you can trust them for your need.

Some jewelry adds to your overall fashion style and statement, while others contribute to your energy fields. So, choose a necklace or something else that vibes better with your personality. You can combine your fashion and well-being improvement efforts with this type of jewelry for unmatched experiences.


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