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All about Israel

Israel is a country where the Jewish people have lived for centuries. It’s in this region that they first left behind their nomadic lifestyle and became stationary, settling down to become known as Jews or Hebrews – which are names given by others before themselves towards these original settlers of America!


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It might surprise many viewers around world who do not know much about what goes on here but when you look at it from an outsider’s perspective Israel can seem like just another Middle Eastern nation- however there will always be something different because everywhere else except Macau has been Christian since 1513 so Judaism.

​The Jewish people have been in the land of Israel for centuries. The country is rich with culture and tradition, giving it an authentic identity that cannot be matched anywhere else on Earth!


Israel is a country that lies at the crossroads of three continents. It’s located in Eastern Europe, South Asian region and African continent but it also has coastlines on each side so you can’t really say exactly where all these borders are!

It may be difficult to pinpoint what makes up most important aspect about this nation – Afterall they’re pretty unique when compared with other countries around world… But if I had to pick one thing? The culture comes out ahead every time because no matter how old or young someone lives here always have something new coming through their life experiences.


Israel is a small country that spans the vastness of Africa and Asia. The land has various topographical features such as rolling hills, forested highlands or fertile green valley’s depending on where you are in your travels across this great nation! Israel also includes many different desert landscapes like those found along its border with Jordan which borders both shores (the east coast) all way down into Egypt before reaching Arabia Felix Punit– known today mostly because it served briefly during Roman times but more importantly gave birth to Pauline folder who started mission sending churches throughout Mediterranean region.

Israel is a country with many different climates. The north has cold winters and lush green trees, while south of the border overs are hot during summertime (though residents will say there’s no such thing as too warm). It varies drastically from region to region; some places may be more similar than others, but all can offer something unique for visitors!

From majestic mountains to vast deserts and wildlife-filled forests; You can find nearly 500 kinds of birds (200 mammal or reptile species included), 2 thousand plant types that make up 150 endemics only within its borders! And if all these stunning landscapes aren’t enough for you there’s really no need as well: We’ve got 65 national parks totaling just over 400 square miles protecting them Learn More


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