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Advantages of workforce management software

In an institution, as the ERP full form suggests, there are different sets of activities assigned to all staff members performing. educators are required to hold lectures and examinations of their concerned subjects, the office staff is concerned with maintaining the register or attendance, and so on.

Apart from this, there is something known as productivity management which keeps the workforce of a school together. There is no separate software for this workforce management as the learning management system in itself serves a similar purpose for teachers. A dedicated teacher can do more than what the work assigned to their demands, such as motivate students to participate in events that can increase the goodwill of the school in the area, build futures of possible successful students, and so on.

Teachers are not assigned with such activities but they still contribute because they consider it their duty, since being an educator is not just their job but a profession in general. Does all of this hard work go unnoticed? In some institutions, it does, which is why they are failing to recognize the talents of students and teachers. To ensure that teachers are passionate about their job, recognition is important. They can be recognized through proper workforce management with the help of a learning management system.

Schools that believe in a complete shift of their educational fields to the digital platform have already introduced the concept of workforce management software. Other schools that have not must include the following features in the learning management system to meet up with the standards of a successful institution;

  • Accessibility and user friendly

A user-friendly interface helps teachers to log in and out of the system conveniently. this is the first step to being productive because if it is the interface that fails to please the teacher, they will feel demotivated to use the workforce management software at all.

The application or software must be easily accessible to other staff members for managing activities, productivity reports, student assignments, upcoming event ideas, payrolls, and so on. Manually working on them takes a lot of time but once teachers are familiar with excel sheets and other features, through training, the software can help them to achieve the goal of productivity maximization in a minimum amount of time.

  • Efficient and unique profiling

Teachers can also store personal or official details of themselves and students through profiling. It helps them to keep data confidential because the learning management system or workforce management software cannot be accessed by students. Moreover, this data is cloud-stored which means that they don’t have to worry about the data being lost or misused by the institution. Because there are no third-party apps involved, it is reliable and misuse of data is impossible.

  • Increased productivity

Teacher performance is tracked by evaluating their productivity in a classroom through the results recorded in a workforce management system. Similarly, the overall performance of a grade is observed by the averaging performance of students and teachers including the combined effort. Maintaining a daily productivity report is even more helpful because at the end of the month or semester the average of daily productivity reports is easier to find.

  • Attendance management

To be productive, take classes and complete the assigned tasks, teachers have to first log into the attendance management software or manually sign registers. This could also be included as a feature in a learning management system to digitalize the task. Teachers can now punch in their details which include the date, the time at which they punched in and punched out, the duration of time they attended school, and the status of whether they are absent or present for the day or simply have a day off.

  • Leave handling

Managing leaves and vacations for teachers or staff members are also arranged through the system. All they have to do is submit a leave application including details such as personal information of this staff, type of leave which they have applied for, number of days sanctioned, reason, and date of leave.

  • Payroll management

Most institutions have salaried employees but sometimes the payroll function works hourly, in which case the same workforce management software is used by tracking staff attendance.


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