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Features to Consider When Purchasing an Access Control System

Access control system manufacturers continue to find ways to improve their products. New features come out regularly, and every business owner should consider these features when installing a new system or updating an existing one. What are some popular features today?

Camera Options

Thanks to the popularity of the Ring doorbell system, many people today want a video surveillance system that allows them to see and talk via videos rather than just seeing visitors. They can then learn a visitor’s purpose for being on the property before allowing or denying access.

Confirming a person’s identity is easy when this type of system is in place. In addition, this system stores the video for a predetermined time. If any problems arise with a visitor, their presence on the property can be confirmed with the help of the video footage.

Cloud-Based Systems

A cloud-based system relies on off-site hosting, so there is no need to maintain a server. This saves the business money, and all data is automatically backed up. The system can be updated and managed from any location, and there is no need for the user to update the system. The provider handles this for the client.

Visitor Management Features

Registered tenants of a building can easily gain access with this type of system. However, business owners also need to consider visitor management features when choosing a system.

For example, planned visitors can receive virtual keys so they can access the building at a predetermined time. Delivery PINs are ideal for delivery carriers who need access to a tenant’s space, or a delivery pass may be used to complete the delivery.

Touchless Access

The global pandemic showed the need for sanitary access control systems. With many people using these systems daily, germs can easily be spread from person to person. Touchless access features eliminate this concern, and this is only one of the benefits seen with these features.

A person won’t need a key to gain access, as they can use a fob, a voice command, or a button on their smartphone to gain entry. Visitors can use virtual keys with this system and never touch a component, and the touchless access feature may be combined with an automatic door for hands-free entry.

Mobile App Features

Some systems offer a mobile app feature that is good for more than touchless access. A tenant can unlock the door for a guest even if they aren’t in the building.

Systems Integration

Certain access control systems now allow owners to integrate the system with other smart building platforms. This may include smart locks, video intercoms, HVAC systems, and more. This provides a cohesive experience for all who use the system.

Consider all options when choosing an access control system. In addition, speak to the manufacturer about upgrading the system when new features become available.

No person wishes to invest in a system only to have a new feature come out the following month that they desire. If the system cannot be upgraded, they will need to purchase a new one and waste the money they already spent. With the right access control system, this won’t be an issue.


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