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Sinetrol: A Natural Extract With Impressive Health Advantages

Certain natural ingredients, when extracted properly, can render impressive health benefits, and a brand-new contender in this category is Sinetrol. Fytexia, a European company headquartered in France with a US office in New York, has developed this to fight the excessive weight concern of more than 1 billion people worldwide. 

This proprietary weight loss ingredient made with natural citrus extracts offers the health advantages of bioactive polyphenols. Further studies on the ingredients are in progress, with results all set to fight the obesity or overweight issues of 167 million individuals who are likely to become less healthy by 2025. 

What Is Sinetrol?

A patented, synergistic, and proprietary combination of multiple polyphenolic compounds extracted from citrus fruits, like orange and grapefruit, Sinetrol has gained huge recognition in mass media and the supplement world for its varied health advantages. The bioactive polyphenols in this product, like hesperidin, neohesperidin, and naringin, contain guarana caffeine and lipolytic properties that reduce blood pressure to treat obesity and diabetes.  

Sinetrol also stands apart from other citrus extracts because it is backed by several clinical studies on humans, validating its weight loss benefits. 

Understanding Sinetrol’s Wok Procedure 

Sinetrol helps with metabolism by boosting lipolysis, a catabolic procedure that breaks down the triglycerides in fat cells, thus releasing free glycerol and fatty acids. This process reduces body fat, helping users reach and maintain healthy body composition. 

Working as per the exclusive Fat Shredding Technology, the compounds in Sinetrol inhibit PDE4, the enzyme that increases the levels of cAMP or cyclic adenosine monophosphate, without any thermogenic effect. Sinetrol releases the fat stored in the adipocytes, cutting triglycerides into free fatty acids released in the bloodstream to be further burnt through metabolism. Besides lowering the chances of metabolic issues related to obesity and overweight, Sinetrol’s synergistic action also reduces oxidative stress. 

Sinetrol Advantages 

The safety and efficacy of Sinetrol in body weight management have been assessed in several clinical studies, making it one of the best weight loss or fat-burning products on the market. Sinetrol benefits include:

  • Reduced abdominal adiposity ratio 
  • Decreased body weight 
  • Reduced hip and waist size 
  • Enhanced lipolysis 
  • Reduced body fat levels 
  • Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress 

Studies by Fytexia Supporting the Weight Management Benefits of Sinetrol 

Before delving into the studies, let’s know more about the company. Starting in Southern France, Fytexia makes everyday nutrition, anti-aging, and weight management products through polyphenol synergies. Picking up inspiration from the field, the company transforms the same into clinically proven solutions for developing dietary supplements.

The company has conducted several clinical studies on its product, supporting its work procedure and offering strong weight loss results. Studies by Fytexia confirm an average -10% reduction in abdominal fat, -5, 15 cm in hip circumference, and -5, 15 cm in waist circumference after three months of regular use. And that too without any changes in physical activity or food intake! 

With weight loss advantages demonstrated in two previous clinical studies, the company further has in-depth scientific evidence supporting Sinetrol efficacy through a third study on 77 subjects. This has further confirmed the product’s effectiveness in helping with body fat loss, resulting in a healthier body composition. On the whole, Sinetrol is clinically proven to be a safe, natural extract for excessive body weight reduction in 190+ subjects. 

In another controlled study, subjects were regularly given 450 mg Sinetrol capsules at breakfast and lunch for three months. So, they lost more fat and weight than the placebo group. Speaking of changes in body composition, Sinetrol users lost around 3.7 kg of fat while those on placebo lost just 1.4 kg. 

The product has no side effects and no supplements like octopamine and synephrine. The study also shows that levels of SOD, an antioxidant enzyme, rose in the Sinetrol group along with GSH or glutathione, a peptide required by detoxifying enzymes. The study also confirms a reduction in MDA or malondialdehyde, a free radical activity marker. Researchers also worked on the effects of Sinetrol on kidney and liver function, blood pressure, cholesterol, and insulin sensitivity, showing no noticeable effects.   

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Best of All, Sinetrol Does Not Have Any Side Effects! 

The same research on Sinetrol shows that it is safe when used per instruction. The best practice is following the dosing protocol on the product you purchase, with most recommending 450 mg twice daily, one with breakfast and the other with lunch.

Also, Sinetrol is not made from bitter orange or Citrus aurantium, which can trouble people with cardiovascular issues. Instead, it is made using safe citrus and lower-stimulant ingredients that do not produce any potential side effects. 

Further, the caffeine content in Sinetrol is too low to cause any kind of stimulant-related problems unless the user is extremely stimulant-sensitive or suffers from any pre-existing condition. Nevertheless, it’s always recommended to consult a doctor before starting a Sinetrol supplementation program. 


So, there you are! Sinetrol shows promising results as one of the key ingredients in all fat burners and weight-loss products. Do keep an eye on this natural extract on the web and in the news, as you will find it in more products once positive results of more research are in the market. 


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