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A guide to buying microwave-safe containers

We have a lot of home appliances in our home, and the microwave is one the most used appliances these days. People are so occupied these days that they merely put the containers inside the microwave without realizing the effects they will have on our health. We can prepare many meals in microwave cookware, but not all are safe to use. Microwave cookware can be seen in all shapes and sizes, and you must be extra vigilant while choosing microwave containers. Not all the plastic and glass dishes used for putting in the microwave are safe as the waves might bounce off instead of penetrating the surfaces of the microwave. 

Lately, many people have been alert about how microwave cookware can be injurious to people’s health if ignored for a long time. Food safety must be the first and prime point of everyone’s life, and if you are not bothered by what you are eating, then there is no going back to recover from the health issues you face after ignorance. People generally have the habit of using containers without realizing the after-effects of the same. You should never reuse disposable plastic containers, such as those you purchase filled with butter or whipped topping, as they are not safe to be used for microwaves. 

Only the containers and the plastic bowls that have been labeled as microwave safe should be considered for the purpose of using microwaves. If the containers being used do not microwave safe, potentially hazardous substances can be leeching into your foodstuff. Choosing safe microwave containers can be a task, and here are a few tips you can follow to buy the best microwave-safe containers:

Looking for safety signs: Most microwave-safe containers have good packaging and a good label. These labels might indicate that these specific containers can be used to reheat the products inside the microwave. Various statements or symbols might be used in case you are looking for a microwave-safe container. 

Check the containers: One of the most important things to know after you have pushed your choice to buy safe microwave containers is to run a safety test. If you are unsure about the labels and cannot trust the retailers and manufacturers of the products, this can help you go a long way. This can be done by putting two containers inside the microwave. One container will be empty, and the other one will be filled with tap water. The microwave must be heated for a minute, and if the empty container stays the same, it can be used for the microwave. On the other hand, if the empty container turns out to be hot, it must be discarded. Check for the substances to be avoided: There are different materials that people use for the purpose of reheating in microwaves. Plastics being on the top of the list must never be considered as it contains potentially hazardous chemicals that can harm your health. Anything that is made up of plastic must be discarded and never used for microwaves. 


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