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A Brief Overview of Men’s Trunks

There are 24 hours in a day, and you spend most of them with the item of clothing you put on first and remove last: your underwear. Since you spend almost the entire day in your underwear, buy a pair you can wear comfortably, lest you re-adjust your trousers or position, either trying to make room to breathe or ensuring your underwear doesn’t slip off. Whether or not anyone sees it, it is important to purchase the right underwear, and men’s trunks are the best choice. You might wonder, “Why are trunks the best option?” or “How does one know which trunks would best fit?” Hopefully, this guide will answer your question.

Why are Trunks the Best Underwear Choice?

Trunks are the best and the most comfortable underwear choice for a multitude of reasons, including:

Hold Onto The Ball, Not Your Pants

If you play sports, whether it is professionally or just for fun, you know how important it is to wear the right underwear. For instance, if you are playing a sport involving a ball, such as football, volleyball, or basketball, the wrong undergarment might get in the way of your running. Instead of holding the ball in an ironclad grip, you’d be holding your underwear, ensuring it doesn’t fall off. You can focus on the sport while wearing trunks since they provide a snug fit. The wrong underwear might also give you rashes, which, combined with sweat while playing, is a painful combination. This is not an issue with trunks due to their fabric and design.

Wear Them With Anything

You can wear trunks with any lower clothing item. Their spacious and snug fit ensures your waist and thighs do not feel too tight when you pair them with jeans or trousers. Trunks are shorter than boxers and more spacious than briefs, so you can also wear them with shorts and rest assured they would not peek out.

A Variety of Options

What makes trunks stand out is the various options you get. You can find trunks in multiple sizes, fabrics, and designs, giving you plenty of options per your preference, comfort, and taste.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Trunks?

When shopping for trunks, keep the following factors in mind:


Trunks are available in different fabrics and materials for various occasions, seasons, and events. The trunks you wear to a gym would be different from the pair of trunks you wear to bed. Similarly, a pair of trunks designed for sportswear would not be the same as those you would wear to a formal event. So, before purchasing, ensure you buy the appropriate pair of trunks.


The size of your trunks determines the comfort and fitting of your underwear. Trunks usually come in three sizes: small (S), medium (M), and large (L). If you are a first-time shopper, purchasing two pairs of trunks of different sizes is advisable to figure out which size fits you best.

Weather and Occasion

For warmer climates, cotton trunks are recommended. Wool trunks are the go-to choice during colder temperatures. If you are working out, wear a pair of trunks made of lycra to ensure it does not wear and tear easily. 

When shopping for men’s trunks, ensure you buy the right size, appropriate material, and the right pair of trunks for the right weather. Owning the right pair of trunks improves your lifestyle, be it playing sports, relaxing, or deciding what to wear.


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