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A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Content Management


Information in any form is critical to business operations and overall business success today. The way how the information is shared, received and consumed has a great impact on the overall growth and development of any organization.

We’ve all noticed a shift in the office paradigm recently. Enterprise mobility skyrocketed as employees began to function through devices dispersed across locations. Employees accessing organizational servers from anywhere added to the concerns of the organizations. Their networks and databases became vulnerable, and prone to security breaches more than ever. 

Therefore, businesses started to seek numerous ways to secure their corporate data and assets. Enterprise Mobility became in demand more than ever.

Since content sharing and access across networks was crucial to business operations even with managed endpoints, Mobile Content Management gained the utmost traction. Employers began to look for solutions with advanced content management features.

Let’s dive deeper into Mobile Content Management.

What is Mobile Content Management?

Mobile Content Management or MCM is a set of tools and technologies that enables the IT admins and employees to access, share, and distribute essential corporate data across all managed devices remotely.

It is a segment of MDM which deals with collection, management and sharing of information in various forms through a variety of ways. It ensures that important business-related information, be it in the form of files, images, doc or any other format, is shared and received over-the-air.

Earlier, when employees used to work only from the office, it was easier to maintain the security of business related files and folders. But now, as most of the employees work remotely, safeguarding sensitive corporate data has been a challenge. Thus, many companies are seeking smart MCM tools to safeguard and secure their valuable data.

Features of Mobile Content Management

Every business wants to scale high. Modern MCM solutions are crafted based on the requirements and aspirations of modern-day businesses. Let’s take a quick look at what the modern-day Mobile Content Management solutions have in their bucket to offer.

  • Managing content over-the-air
  • Creating folders and publishing them remotely
  • Sharing files in multiple formats
  • Copying and deleting content over-the-air
  • Creating and displaying presentations
  • Managing Digital Kiosks Content
  • Access Control Management
  • BYO Device Management
  • Over-the-air deployment and pushing policies

Industries where MCM Helps

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Corporate Offices

Key Benefits of Mobile Content Management

Streamline Content Access and Sharing

Mobile Content Management streamlines content access and sharing across a diverse range of devices over-the-air. This way, it saves businesses a lot of time and money to deploy different technologies for different needs.

Pushing content in Various Format

IT admins can push content like files, presentations, videos, study material, business docs, advertisements, etc in multiple formats based on specific business requirements.

Bulk Content Deployment and Deletion

Mobile Content Management helps IT departments in redundant tasks by bulk deployment and content deletion and management over-the-air. This saves a lot of time and comes as a sigh of relief to the IT department. In short, MCM simplifies IT tasks. 

Saves Paper

Imagine your resources shuffling through a huge pile of paper to find out important information. This typical old-age office setting is not smart enough. Now, with efficient MCM tools, all the data can be stored and encrypted on the cloud. It is generally accessible with a single click. This saves a lot of time and paper.

Data Protection

In an organization, there are employees working in different tiers. And to be honest, not all the information is for every employee. Some are confidential to the industry leaders. 

IT admins can allow and deny users from accessing files and folders based on their level across the organization. This helps in securing content to a great extent.

Corporate Data Security

Mobile Content Management helps in securing, safeguarding, and managing essential corporate data with high-level encryption. In case of device theft, a smart MCM solution alerts the IT admin in real-time so that they can erase all the content over-the-air. This action can be pre-scheduled also. Thus, it ensures that the confidential data remains secure, encrypted and in safe hands all the time.

Employee Productivity

A smart MCM tool can help in increasing employee productivity and business efficiency. Employees appreciate the ease with which they can access corporate data and docs required for business, and thus can remain productive throughout the day. MCM also restricts the web browsing behavior of the employees by converting business devices into kiosks.


Mobile Content Management software integrated with a powerful MDM solution helps in creating a safe environment. It acts as an extra layer of protection and safety for the organization.

It emphasizes that the right corporate content is shared, delivered, and accessed to the right people at the right time.


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