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9 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your House Cool in summer

With spring here, summer is following shortly, and we cannot wait to get outside and get some fresh air, but a lot of people don’t have air conditioners in their homes – so let us talk about nine tips on how to keep your house cool in the summer without breaking the bank.

Get a Dehumidifier

If you live in an area that is more humid, you might want to invest in a quality dehumidifier that will help you suck out that moisture from the air. With the help of a dehumidifier, your house will automatically feel more comfortable, and the air quality will improve enormously.

Shut Out the Sunlight

You can get good-quality awnings in Tampa, which can help you with keeping your house clean and shaded from the blazing summer heat. Remember that you will have to reduce your light or the sunlight that enters your house.

If you love natural light, you might want to invest in light-colored and lightweight curtains, which will allow you to keep your interior space clean whilst enjoying the natural light from the outside. You can diffuse natural light by putting up some sheer curtains or tilting the blinds so that the sunlight doesn’t come right in.

To keep the sunlight off the bay, you can also paste a reflective material right onto the windows and keep your house cool. The reflective material will help reflect that light instead of absorbing it.

Rest assured, you can immensely benefit from window treatments and installing blinds to keep away the sunlight during the warmer season of the year.

Create Cross Ventilation

You can create cross-ventilation by opening doors or windows on the opposite side of the house so that the breeze can blow through. If you only open one door or one window, then the wind only has so many places to go in the confines of your house.

But, if you open windows and doors on both sides, the breeze can go through, which is how your house will get instantly cooler.

Turn Off the Lights

Despite being the easiest hack, many people aren’t aware of how effective this simple hack can be. Lights produce heat, and if you can make sure to switch the old incandescent lights to LED lights, you will immensely benefit from these as they (LED lights) don’t put off as much heat.

However, simply turn it off to reduce the heat load if you don’t need light.

Care about the Doors

Be smart about your doors!

If it is cooler in your interior space than outdoors, it is good to keep your doors closed to keep the cool air inside. The thing is that typically houses are colder on the inside than they are on the outside because houses – these days – are typically very well insulated.

The same is true in the summer – if you have got that cooler air trapped in there, you must ensure to keep it in there. Don’t keep opening the door and letting the warmer air in.

Avoid Cooking Inside

Understandably, you will have to make meals so if you do have to make meals – you ought to prefer preparing your meal during the cooler part of the day, such as in the late evening or in the morning so that your stove doesn’t run during the heat of the day.

If you have a backyard, you are in a better place. All you need to do is set up an outdoor kitchen, get outdoors, and get fresh air yourself while you prepare barbeque on the grill.

Set Your Fan

Before the summer hits you, you ought to check the ceiling fan to run counterclockwise. By setting your fan like this, your fan pulls the hot air up and blows it towards the ceiling instead of pushing it down – towards you.

When it comes to a box fan, you might want to set it in a way that the air goes out of the window instead of in so by sucking the air and pushing it out – the box fan pushes the hot air out instead of giving you this fake breeze of hot air.

Regarding fans, we also recommend using the bathroom and kitchen fans. Not many people think of the usability of their bathroom and kitchen vent fans. These vent fans suck up the hot air and blow it out of your house and not only in the rooms that they are in.

If the vent fan is in the bathroom, you might want to leave the door open, and the fan will suck all hot air from the hallways or the nearby bedrooms as well.

Do Laundry/ Ironing Early

Another tip to keep your house cool during the summer is to shift your laundry and ironing timing. Preferably, you should be doing your laundry or ironing in the earlier or later parts of the day when the temperature is low.

When you run the dryer – it is just like the kitchen. The dryer creates hot air, and if it is already hot outside, you can save electricity and keep your house cool by putting your clothes out to dry outside and drying them on a line.

By doing so, you won’t only save money and electricity but also reduce the heat inside.

Sprinkle Water on the Curtains

This method was used in the olden times, which is why many haven’t heard about it. All you need is a water bottle – a spritzer and make the drape or curtains damp. And when you open the door and if there is a breeze (you can also include a tad bit of essential oil so that the room smells good) and the wind blows, the dampness of the curtains will actually make your house feel cooler.

Final Thoughts

If summertime is approaching and you don’t have an AC, the ideas mentioned above can help you keep your house cool. Don’t forget to let the night air inside – crack your windows and let that fresh air inside your room.


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