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7 Secrets About Sleepyhead Mattress that has never been revealed before!

Numerous health and wellness benefits are the results of a good night’s sleep. In the workplace, resting enhances productivity, socializing skills, interrelationship skills, and performance levels in general.

Top-quality sleeping products, like a sleepyhead mattress, are vital to achieving these and various other advantages. Think about your specific requirements and preferences before you pick up your mattress. 

Here are the 7 secrets about the sleepyhead mattress. 

1. Sleepyhead mattresses are one of the best brands.

Considering Sleepyhead offers a 100-day trial, some customers take advantage of the offer after using it for a few weeks. There’s no doubt you won’t find a more comfortable mattress than this. This is one of the few mattress designs that make all body types feel comfortable.

2. Your Sleepyhead contains 

Featuring three layers of foam: super soft foam, pressure-relieving memory foam, and high-density foam, Sleepyhead Original mattresses offer the perfect orthopedic support.

3. It’s easy to clean your sleepyhead mattress cover.

Sleepyhead®’s bumper features child-safe zippers around the perimeter and a fully removable cover, making it easy to clean. All sleepyhead mattress covers are washable. Rinse with a similar-colored detergent and wash inside a laundry bag.

  • It is important not to damage the foam inside the mattress by removing the cover. Keep the zipper closed and your Machine Wash set at Warm (40⁰C), normal tumble when washing. You should use a mild detergent. Try to avoid placing the cover in direct sunlight for drying. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend ironing. We recommend washing separately. Do not wring.

4. Sleepyhead mattresses may be good for back pain.

With the medium-firm, springy orthopedic mattress, the Sleepyhead orthopedic mattress supports the spinal column well. Its unparalleled softness provides ultimate comfort to the body’s curves and makes the sleeper feel relaxed throughout the night.

5. Sleepyhead is owned by duraflex

Under the Sleepyhead brand, Duroflex now sells direct-to-consumer mattresses. The new mattress brand aims its parent brand’s business model in an interesting twist on its website.

6. It can absorb heat, even in an AC room.

Sleepyhead Sense creates super comfy mattresses that regulate body temperature using Phase Change Cooling Foam. Absorbing and redistributing body heat keeps the sleeper’s body temperature at its perfect level. The middle layer of Sleepyhead’s mattress has a lot of memory foam.

As a result, less heat is generated directly onto your body while you sleep.

7. Sleepyhead offers three kinds of mattresses.

Designed for posture retention, the Sleepyhead Original has three layers of orthopedic comfort. This mattress features Super Soft Foam to cushion the body, Pressure-Relieving Memory Foam to absorb your weight, and High-Density Foam to provide the perfect balance of firmness and softness. This mattress is ideal for people suffering from back pain. Sleepyhead Original’s firmness will make you feel cocooned, with the mattress exerting pressure back on your body, relieving you from body pain.

Sleepyhead Laxe’s latest innovations are a true upgrade in quality and comfort, infused with a healthy dose of eco-consciousness. Laxe offers multilayer support, consistent pressure distribution, breathability, and remarkable durability thanks to its 100% natural latex layer provided by the rubber tree sap. Its pin core structure allows the mattress to breathe, keeping you cool no matter the weather.

Mattress Collection

Using Phase Change Cooling Foam, Sleepyhead Sense disperses your body heat evenly across the sleepyhead mattress, and its breathable fabric wicks away moisture quickly. With respond-to-body heat memory foam that molds to your body, providing incredible support and comfort, and 3 – Zoned Orthopedic Memory Support Foam that aligns the spine and supports three zones of the body, providing varying levels of support.

The mattress collection of Sleepyhead, a high-end home décor company, was launched in India in 2017. The mattresses could be ordered online and delivered right to the customer’s door, which was very convenient. Additionally, if the mattress does not meet the user’s needs, you can return the mattress within 100 days after purchase. 

High-Quality Materials

The use of high-quality materials and a five-stage strict quality check made them a popular choice within a short period. You can choose from three different model styles to fit your needs. In their role as an Oriental firm, they are unique in utilizing smart grid technology to create bedding that adapts to a wide range of body types.

Maintaining sleep hygiene is equally essential as investing in a quality mattress – going to sleep and waking up regularly each day lets our brain get accustomed to patterns and routines.

You could even boost your immunity by getting regular sleep.

In this article, we’ve revealed a few interesting facts about this company, their products, and what makes them so awesome. 

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