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7 Most Beautiful Places in Orlando 

Orlando tops millions of people’s travel wish lists because it is the indisputable global epicentre of theme parks. Orlando’s list of attractions goes far beyond just a few man-made resorts, even if no trip to the central Florida city is complete without at least a few excursions to internationally renowned theme parks. Orlando offers many opportunities to experience nature, interact with local species, and enjoy the sun all year long. The city’s nightlife, golf courses, and sporting events are all unparalleled, as are the entertainment and culinary possibilities. What are you still holding out for? There are plenty of entertaining things to do in Orlando. Your trip to Orlando needs to be planned now! 

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1 SeaWorld Orlando 

At the renowned SeaWorld Orlando, you can swim with dolphins, experience thrilling roller coasters, enjoy charming seal and turtle displays, and get a close-up look at orcas. The city is filled to the brim with amusement parks and thrilling rides, but Mako, the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the area, is located here. This terrifying attraction has a height limit of 200 feet and reaches speeds of 73 miles per hour. Experience Manta’s strong glides and twists, which make you feel as like you’re going to plunge headfirst into the water, if you don’t mind riding face down. 

2 SEA LIFE Aquarium 

Looking for Orlando’s top tourist attractions? The family-friendly SEA LIFE Aquarium is home to over 5,000 distinct species from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian seas. Transform yourself into an aquatic fantasy there. Before viewing an animal feeding show or dipping your hand into the touch tank, catch sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles in the immersive 360-degree ocean tunnel (if you dare). 

3 Fun Spot America 

One of Orlando’s most underappreciated attractions, Fun Sport Spot features the only wooden roller coaster in addition to bumper cars, an arcade, and multi-level go-karts. On SkyCoaster, HeadRush 360, Freedom Flyer, and Screamer, you can spin and soar high to satisfy your need for adrenaline. At the multi-level circuits, Commander, Conquest, and Quad Helix, you can race with your buddies in a go-kart. Have fun trying your luck at Orlando Arcade, Roll A Ball, and Midway. Bring the children to the three-story Funhouse to play some vintage games. 

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4 Beasts in action 

The Screamin’ Gator Zip Line at Gatorland comes highly recommended, and it can take you up to 1,200 feet over the forest canopy. Take off from a number of towers at various levels and soar over the landscape while you take it all in. In addition to other attractions, you may witness crocodiles from the Nile and Cuba in the park. Then fly above the breeding marsh where more than 100 swimming, alive alligators are present. For anyone looking to see these fearsome creatures up close, the 110 acres of alligator-infested swampland, along with nature trails, a petting zoo, a water park, and a zip line, is the place to go. 

5 Wonder Works Orlando 

Walking through an upside-down house is a tonne of fun. Wonder Works Orlando is a family-friendly science centre featuring more than 100 interactive exhibits that combine education and fun. Here, you can experience amazing natural phenomena like using a Tesla coil to catch lightning bolts on your palm. Fly a fighter jet while experiencing hurricane winds of up to 155 mph! 

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6 Kennedy Space Center 

Now is your chance to fulfil your childhood ambition of becoming an astronaut, if you ever had one! The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral offers an extraordinary experience. Explore space shuttles, visit a real astronaut, tour a NASA spaceflight facility, and much more. The US Astronaut Hall of Fame has information about the lives of space pioneers. It is intended to commemorate and pay tribute to American astronauts science Project Mercury, the country’s first human spaceflight. 

7 Memo’s pirate cruise 

On Captain Memo’s family-friendly pirate cruise over the Gulf of Mexico, sail into the entertaining fantasy world of pirates and swashbucklers. Adults can relax with a complimentary beer or glass of wine while the children enjoy the soda and interact with the pirate performers. For more than 40 years, Captain Memo’s has provided families with entertainment and excitement. It has won recognition over the years, including “Best Water Excursion” in 2019 from St. Pete Clearwater’s official tourism board. 

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