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6 Best Home Inspection Certification Schools in California

If you’re planning to become a home inspector, it can prove to be an exciting and rewarding career choice in the future. But as it’s said, to reach a destination, you need to achieve many milestones, get complete learning, and confront certain challenges.

Before you become a home inspector, you’ll need to get a complete home inspection education, and complete a training program to be a licensed inspector. For this, you’ll need to find the best home inspector training schools.

To make this time-consuming procedure an easier one for you, we’ve listed down California’s top 6 home inspection       s.

Top Home Inspector Schools

So, let’s get started;

  1. ATI Training

ATI is the top Home Inspector School which was developed as a way to train future home inspectors. When founder Scott Newcomer decided to sell his own home inspection business, he started with ATI – home inspector training.

The ATI offers two different course options, including;

  • The financing and discount options
  • Courses for every state
  • Instructors with real-world experience.
  • Professional Home Inspection Institute

Next, we have the professional home inspection institute. A part of a company known as Be Online, Inc., which was started two decades ago, was a pioneer in establishing an online training school.

This home inspections school offers an online and in-person option and serve every state with bonuses like;

  • Advanced course
  • Professional memberships & software
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Live field training
  • Mckissick Learning

The third best choice for a home inspection Home Inspector Certification School is Mckissick Learning. This training school has been around since 1990. Today, this reputable academy has also become a leader in appraisal education.

This certification school won’t be worth recommending if you consider it for pre-licensing education. However, they have a great choice for home inspectors who need continuing education classes.

  • American Home Inspectors Training – AHIT

The leading American inspectors’ training school was established in 1993. This Home Inspection School has been certifying students in the business of home inspection for years.

AHIT offers many things to their students, including;

  • Service to all states
  • Online learning platform
  • Marketing materials
  • Course options
  • Experienced constructors
  • Field instruction
  • Extra courses
  • Inspection Certification Associates

ICA, also known as “inspection Certification Associates,” is located in Chicago. This certification inspection school has been helping people to prepare for home inspection careers. Not only this, but they also ensure that their provided materials and curriculum are always up to date.

They do this to ensure their courses always reflect the current laws and regulations. ICA offers its students everything that is required to get started properly as a successful home inspector.

This includes;

  • A great learning platform
  • A complete video based course
  • Consistent support
  • Radon & mold inspection courses
  • Amazing bonus

If you SIGN UP with ICA, you’ll receive a free home inspection report software, the 14 bonus courses, and 700 exam preparation questions for your state. No other home inspection training academy offers so much for the price.

 FIA Inspection Academy

FIA is a full-service Inspection Network serving for more than 20 years. They’re currently holding numerous highest certifications recognized in the industry from the organizations that make the Building, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Codes.

ICC, ICBO, IAPMO, NFPA, IAEI, FEMA, etc. Their Inspectors’ practices and follow national and regional recognized standards.*CREIA*ASHI*NACHI*HIF

 Tips for finding Best Home Inspection Certification School in California

When looking for the best home inspection school, there are several factors to consider:

1. Check if the school is an InterNACHI California training partner. The school has met InterNACHI’s rigorous standards and is authorized to offer the InterNACHI Inspector Certification.

2. Make sure the school offers a comprehensive home inspection course covering all the important aspects of home inspection.

3. Look for a comprehensive home inspection course covering all the important aspects of home inspections, from roofing to electrical and plumbing systems.

4. Find out what kind of education the school offers. It must be state-approved

5. Choose a school with experienced instructors who can provide you with the skills and knowledge required to become a certified home inspector.

6. Avoid a school that doesn’t offer any courses. For example, several state agencies approve of the Inspection Certification Associates course as a great self-paced online course.

7. Find out if a school offers hands–on training so you can gain practical experience in conducting home inspections

8. Make sure the school offers affordable tuition fees and flexible payment options.

9. Check if the school has a good reputation in the industry. This can be done by reading authentic reviews from past students or talking to other home inspectors in your area.

10. Find out if the school offers job placement assistance to help you find a job as a home inspector after graduation.

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