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5 ways to Promote Your Podcast on YouTube

The concept of podcasts is gaining viewership all across the world. People love to see others engage in meaningful conversations with one another. Podcasts differ from one another in length and the topic they cover. They have a variety of topics they cover. Your podcast can get a wider reach by utilizing Youtube. Youtube is a great platform to promote your podcast on. When you gain more engagement on Youtube your podcast performs better as well. We have listed 5 different ways in which you could promote your podcast on Youtube.

  1. Use video in your podcast

Many platforms allow you to post podcasts in an audio-only format. This is convenient for users who want to listen to podcasts while out on a run or while driving their car. However, all audiences are not the same. If you decide to post your podcast on Youtube you are engaging with quite a different audience. Most of the podcasts on youtube have viewers who want to watch as well as listen to them. The people on the platform like to view videos. Unlike the other podcast options, Youtube stops playing media when the app is minimized. This means that the audience interested in your podcast will be staring at a blank screen unless you add a video. 

Shooting a video along with your podcast is simple. You have to just record the entire podcast on a camera and upload it alongside the audio. If you are gaining an audience on your podcast on Youtube you will want to have a video to keep them engaged. It is statistically proven that podcasts on Youtube with a video have a much wider reach than audio-only formats. 

  1. Maintain good quality

You have to maintain quality in two aspects of your podcast. Quality has to be maintained concerning the content and production. Your podcast has to be unique. It is needless to say that there are tons of podcasts all over Youtube. These cover a variety of topics. You will have to find a niche or a topic that falls to your strengths. You will have to keep coming up with good topics that people would like to know about. The title of your podcast has to gain the attention of the audience. 

Many creators tend to take the easy route out by just adding the audio along with the logo of their podcast and publish it. This is not a good strategy to gain more engagement on Youtube. Good quality is the basis of your podcast. You will have to invest in a camera and audio equipment to produce good podcasts. Youtube audiences demand good quality. There are so many videos that excel in the quality you will not be able to establish yourself with poor quality.

  1. Find a suitable audience

When you have created a podcast you must be having an appropriate topic that you cover. This makes you fall under a particular niche. Promoting your podcast on Youtube will require you to find a suitable audience first. You will have to find the ideal demographic for your podcast. See which demographics interact with your content better. Try to appeal to them. The times when you post your Youtube content will depend on your audience. With establishing a proper audience you will not be able to maximize the promotions for your podcast. In simple words, you aim to find people on Youtube who will be interested in your podcast.

  1. Create clips 

Creating clips is a widely popular method to get a new audience for your podcast. Many top podcasts on Youtube have shifted to clips to attract audiences. Youtube audiences prefer to watch shorter videos. For many users watching a podcast that is an hour-long is very tiresome and they tend to avoid it. This hampers your ability to get new followers on the platform. Videos around 8-10 minutes can hit the sweet spot when it comes to Youtube. You should cut your podcast into smaller videos. One of the easiest ways to do this is by dividing the different segments of your podcast into separate videos. All of your videos must have an attractive title. Use keywords to help your videos climb up the search rankings. When posting these videos be sure to add the links to your podcast in the description. You can even add a call to action at the end of these short videos. This helps to remind your audience to check out your videos. Cta should be added to a video in moderation. Excessive CTAs ruin the flow of the entire Youtube video. This will help you have a wider reach on youtube which in turn will help you promote your podcast

  1. Create related videos

Youtube demands high-quality videos. One way of promoting your podcast is by creating additional or supplementary videos to it. In these videos, you can do a deep dive into one of the topics you might have discussed on your podcast. Having a specific topic to make videos on will allow you to create quality content. When doing these videos you have to focus on discussing the topic in depth. A simple example would be that if you talked about new upcoming technology in your podcast, you can make a supplementary video where you discuss in detail the entire project. You could even discuss the impact it will have on us. The basic logic behind these videos is that if people are interested in these videos that you make they will also be interested in your podcast.


As mentioned above, getting more engagement on Youtube will help to boost your podcast. The strategies you use depends on your comfort zone and choices. Many people decide to upload the entire podcast on Youtube as it is one of the easiest and most effective ways. However, if you are not comfortable with this try combining some of the other methods given above to find the best fit.


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