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5 spectacular things to do in your Turkey vacation!

The spectacular Turkish country features the most culturally diverse tourist attractions which re a definite visit in your travel itinerary. Turkey is studded with hundreds of outstanding monuments, dating back to 15th century and featuring the most beautiful blend of Byzantine and Renaissance art and architecture. On its streets, tourists can truly get an essence into the hustling city life with heritage and culture in full glamour.

On your Turkish vacation, visit the architectural marvel Hagia Sophia and uncover the religious significance of this outstanding monument which can be best displayed in its intricate wall paintings and hangings. Other intriguing monuments are Topkapi palace, blue turkey mosque, ephesus and more, each with its own staggering and significant history.

Head onto the serene Grand bazar of Turkey which is extremely famous for selling outstanding clothes, artefacts, jewellery, silverware and souvenirs at cheap prices. Don’t forget to shop for authentic and rich Turkish spices and relish upon some delicious Turkish street food as well.

Next on, thrillophillia also highly recommends a visit to the famous Cappadocia and experience a breath-taking hot air balloon ride overlooking the entire stretch of unique rock formations featuring the best spot for outstanding photos. For more info visit https://madeinturkeytours.com/.

1. Hagia Sophia – Located right in the centre of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia is a charming architectural marvel, which best represents the art and culture of the powerful Ottoman Empire. The interiors of this gigantic mosque is considered to be one of the most panoramic creations of mankind. The splendid grand dome is adorned with intricately crafted marble, and also byzantine elements.

On the walls uncover the narrative mosaics of Jesus and Mary which truly represents the respect of this mosque for other religions. Click pictures by the outstanding and grandiose golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Walk through all the

columns and aisles inside the mosque and discover the finest of all marble creations. A visit to this glamorous attraction is highly recommended in your Turkey Tour packages.

2. Pamukkale thermal pools – Away from the vacation stress, the spectacular Pamukkale thermal pools are a phenomenal group of natural hot springs in Turkey. The entire area is adorned with spotless white calcium and stalactite deposits which is why this the attraction is also called candy castle. A bath is the hot springs is believed to be a positive omen and is scientifically proven to relieve your body from all forms of stress, diseases and ailments.

Explore the awe-inspiring details of the attraction and stories related to this phenomenal healing hot springs. After your rejuvenating bathing experience, take some time out to explore the surrounding attractions like the ruins of hierapolis which is a pristine archaeological monument of 17AD and click the outstanding picture as well.

3. Shop in the popular Grand bazar – To admire the cultural diversity and the beauty of Turkey, stroll through the streets of Grand bazar which is one of the world’s largest and oldest markets selling a wide variety of quality items at extremely reasonable cost. From the ethnic clothing, fine and intricately crafted  jewellery and souvenirs, imported spices, shoes, furniture and antiques, tourists are sure to have a time of their life at the opulent market settlement.

Dating back to 1461, this bazaar has been the go-to shopping complex for all the locals in Istanbul. The vivid and hustling life inside the market truly highlights the rich heritage of Turkey. Some of the must buy items are Turkish spices and eccentric coffee which can be found nowhere else. Shop for exquisite lamps and lanterns and the famous ceramic work from Iznik and Kutahya

4. Dine under Galata Bridge – Turkish cuisine features some of the finest and tastiest dishes and the best of it can be relished under Galata bridge of Istanbul. At extremely reasonable cost, relish on some fancy seafood at a myriad of restaurants under Galata bridge. Visit the populated Veteran and dine on some authentic Turkish delights like piyaz, ezogelin corbasi, saksuka and Turkish coffee.

Thrillophillia also recommends a fancy dinner at the lavish Guney restaurant which will impress you with its outstanding interiors and quaint services. Galata bridge receives a hustling crowd every night and food enthusiasts from across the globe to relish on the incredible taste of Turkish spices.

5. Bathe in Turkish Bathtub – The powerful Ottoman empire turkey fancied lavish and opulent bath culture, and hence the idea of Turkish bath with marble studded tubs and soothing cold water and refreshing scrubs and soaps has been passed down by generation and is an outstanding way of getting an insight into the Turkish lifestyle. The steamy Turkish baths are refreshing and a perfect stress relief from the vacation frenzy. Some of the popular baths can be enjoyed at Firuzaga bath, Historical vezneciler bath etc.

Along with this, you can also enjoy the special Hammam spa which can cure you of any muscle stress and strains. The baths are extremely relaxing and include rounds of washing with gentle hot water, steaming, foaming with well prepared and authentic shower gels, scrubbing and finally a spa promising a rejuvenating time for you and your loved ones.


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