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5 Reasons Why You Should Use SMS for Communication

For any marketer who hasn’t used SMS marketing, a heap of underutilized potential lies in wait. When passing the correct information to customers, you should always strive to use a fast and cost-efficient channel.

Of course, email marketing has its place across various industries and niches. But you know what works way faster than email and other forms of marketing? Bulk SMS campaigns!

Text messages negate the need to work tirelessly against cluttered inboxes and spam folders to determine the best way to reach the customer.

While no business should say goodbye to email, this communication channel has just about a 21% open rate. But if you want to reach more customers, SMS, which has open rates of 98%, a response rate of 45%, and a deliverability rate of 95%, is your best bet.

So why does SMS marketing matter?

1. Speed

The quickest way to get information to customers is through SMS. Text messages are delivered, read, and responded to way faster than any other marketing channel. When paired with social media or email marketing, up to 50% of SMS campaigns generate positive ROI.

2. It opens two-way communication

SMS opens up two-way communication with customers allowing for easy interaction. You can solicit feedback regarding specific campaigns or respond to customers’ queries and needs.

Whether you invite them for sales and offers or collect their information, you can use a sender ID to achieve personal interaction or boost the impact of your campaign’s touchpoints.

3. It’s accessible

Almost everyone today has a mobile phone, and the thing about SMS is that it doesn’t need internet connectivity for it to be delivered. Your message will be delivered as long as there is a network signal.

Perhaps your biggest challenge will only be building a database for your SMS marketing campaigns. After all, you don’t need technical expertise to integrate an SMS API gateway with your software to send text messages quickly.

4. You can automate campaigns 

Although managing campaigns is sometimes daunting, you can automate most of them without breaking a sweat with the proper bulk SMS API.

If you have a database of thousands of contacts, SMS providers allow you to schedule and send text messages to save time and planning. There is no need to create individual text messages and send them one by one. Instead, you can segment your audience into different groups and send them relevant SMS with a button click.

5. It’s cost-effective

There is little cost associated with sending text messages. For instance, Celcom Africa charges cents for a single unit of text. No other marketing channel, therefore, matches the cost-effectiveness of SMS marketing.

Plus, you only get to pay for what you use. Since you are buying SMS credits, you can resell the remaining credits or reserve them for future use. Whichever way you choose, you are guaranteed that there is no risk involved in your planning to implement a marketing strategy.

Get Started with Celcom Africa Today

If you still have doubts about how SMS benefits your business, you have nothing to lose – try it out today. Celcom Africa’s bulk SMS service rate is tailored to the needs of every client. Sign up for a demo account today to see how convenient and easy it is to send out texts, and if it pleases you, you can sign up and kick-start killer campaigns that drive sales.


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