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5 Questions with Sheldon ‘Killalmij’ Thaxter

In a world full of individuals struggling to get ahead somewhere on the road to fame and success, some individuals have taken up the torch to help aspiring people accomplish their dreams. One such individual is Sheldon Killalmij Thaxter, who is no stranger to the music industry and the world in general. 

This young man has dedicated his life to music, and not only does he produce his own music, but he also has a record label that enables many talented artists to reach the audience through it. 

Killalmij is not just a music producer, but he is someone who has come a long way to carve a niche for himself in the music industry. From a young age, he began studying music religiously and no sooner found his passion for it. Today he thrives in the music industry and enables the world to relish his music in the dancehall music genre. 

This incredibly talented young man had several ups and downs as he made his way through the voyage of becoming a successful music producer and acknowledges the fact that the road to success is paved with hardships, but one must never give up because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. He sets a great example for people who struggle in the music industry and give up too soon. 

To know him better, we got in touch with Killalmij, who gave us some insights into his life that may change the world’s perception of him. 

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

Sheldon Killalmij Thaxter: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, where life was pretty tough. I was raised by my mother since my father was not around much. We had a difficult life due to financial instability since my mom didn’t have much, but she always catered to our needs and made me who I am today. I was sent to Titchfield High School in Portland, Jamaica, where I graduated in 2008 and went to the Agricultural Sciences and Education College in Portland. 

In 2010, life took a drastic turn, and I joined Jamaica Constabulary Force. Life was tough, but I was making progress. Later, I migrated to the United States, where I joined the United States Marine Corps and made it to the rank of sergeant. I received the Armed Forces medal and Campaign medals for serving overseas. 

How Did You Discover Your Passion For Music?

Sheldon Killalmij Thaxter: I believe you know deep within that you have a passion for music right from the beginning since musicians’ brains are wired differently than non-musicians. I began studying music at a young age which gave me an intense internal desire to keep growing and flowing in the waters of music, and since water finds its own level, I found mine too. 

Enlighten Us with Your Experience as a Musician

Sheldon Killalmij Thaxter: Well, I am not going to sit here and say that it was all glitter and gold. Of course, I had to struggle, and it was not an easy road.  

Competition is high, and to mark your spot in the Reggae/Dancehall arena takes a lot out of you, sacrifice, hard work, and dedication. You have to love what you do and be patient because you won’t see success overnight. Sometimes it can take even three months or more for a song to blow up.

What were the Challenges You Faced down the Road to Success?

Sheldon Killalmij Thaxter: I have noticed that Dancehall Music is not easily recognized on the world stage. Reggae Music Grammy is handed out during the commercials at The Grammys instead of during the actual ceremony. 

Besides, the process sometimes gets a bit challenging when producing a song and making it reach the targeted audience since it takes a lot of promoting and you have to build a fan base. After some time, that part gets easier if you continue to produce quality material. 

For you, what is the Mantra of Success?

Sheldon Killalmij Thaxter: I always believe hard work is the key to success. However, you must also be happy about what you do and love your work. Loving what you do and being happy about it while working hard for it is my mantra of success. 


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