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From Beaches to Mountains: 5 Destinations to Visit for Perfect March Weather

We all have experienced the magic of March and how it brings a new wave of joy with the warmth. Many people plan an escape to a perfect weather destination to breathe in the spring air and soak up the sun before it gets scorching hot. After storing your thermals and coats, you should head to a perfect March weather destination to unwind and relax. Therefore, you should know the destinations to visit for perfect March weather.

Being the welcoming month of spring, March brings many joy to people. Not only the people but also flowers and plants bloom in this month. This is when everyone starts dreaming of getting that tan that they have always wanted by lying days on the beach or hiking in the scenic mountains. So, if you are planning your March holidays from UK, we are here with some destination inspirations that you can choose from. 

5 Destinations to Visit for Perfect March Weather


Who hasn’t heard of the heavenly beaches of the Maldives? It is a honeymooner’s paradise, and millions of couples and other tourists visit this region for the perfect beach escape. Also, the sparkling blue and turquoise are home to many exotic marine species that the tourists love to explore. It is also the ideal destination to indulge in countless thrilling watersports, including snorkelling, diving, scuba diving, sunset cruises and much more. 

Even though the Maldives is considered a year-round destination, March is among the best times to visit the region. This is because this month marks the dry season in the area. The temperatures are pleasant and warm, from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius. So, you will get a chance to have the most unforgettable island-hopping experience on the paradise-like islands of the Maldives. 


Are you an adventurous soul who loves trekking and hiking on the sky-high mountains? What place can be better than Nepal, which has some of the highest peaks in the world? So, visiting Nepal this year might be your perfect chance to have the most adventurous mountain retreat. Moreover, the region is home to a diverse wildlife, which makes hiking in these mountains a lot more exhilarating. 

Also, visiting Nepal will be a perfect experience for anyone who wants to have the most culturally enlightening holiday this March. The country also has a mouthwatering cuisine that you must explore. March is a great month to visit Nepal because it marks the start of spring in the region. 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is among the most anticipated beach destinations in the world. The region is known for paradise-like beaches and active volcanoes that give Costa Rica a unique and diverse landscape. It is also known for its glorious biodiversity. You will get the perfect dose of heartwarming nature and vibrant cities. Also, you can participate in countless thrilling water sports in the Caribbean.

If you have always wanted to explore Costa Rica, there is no better time than March. You get the perfect weather conditions on the Pacific Coast during this month. This is also one of the peak months for visiting Costa Rica. The sunny days you will get in March here are worth facing all the crowds. 


Are you planning to explore a hidden gem of the world this March? If so, it is about time to explore Vietnam’s most breathtaking landscapes. This Asian country has diverse landscapes, white sandy beaches, low and rugged hills, and dense forests. Vietnam also has a fascinating war history and a vibrant culture that intrigues everyone. So, you get everything in one destination. Whether you want to relax on the beaches, trek the mountains, or have a historically and culturally enlightening experience, you will get it all here. 

March is a great month to visit Vietnam because of the region’s mild temperatures and drier times. Many festivals and cultural events in Vietnam during this month will enable you to explore the area in an ideal way. It will give you the most memorable time. While in the region, you will also get to meet hospitable people and explore the delicious local cuisine. 


Turkey also welcomes spring in March. If you want to experience the spectacular landscapes and a rich history with a blend of cultures, you should visit Turkey this March. From pristine beaches to glorious mountains, you get it all in Turkey. Moreover, it is also a heavenly place for architecture lovers. You will find some of the region’s most stunning and intricate buildings. 

Cities like Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, and other places give you the Turkish experience you will always remember. Also, Turkish cuisine is famous worldwide, leaving your tastebuds wanting more. 

Summing Up

Do you want the perfect beach holiday UK, or would you like to explore some magnificent mountains this March? Countless destination options will give you the most memorable time in the region. As the world welcomes spring, you will get pleasant weather in most areas in March. We have listed some of the best destinations to visit for perfect March weather that you can choose from. 


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