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5 Current Fashion Trends We All be wearing in 2022

We have already stepped into the year 2022 and some of the biggest fashion runway shows are just around the corner. If you’re someone who loves to stay on top of the fashion trends and adopt them early on then you have for sure clicked the right blogspot. 

The fashion trends to be followed in the year 2022 are somewhere a more refined form of trends we followed in the past 2-3 years, furthermore the trends of early 2000s are also showing signs of resurgence. It’s always so exciting to see what fashion trends will go viral in the next few months for the world to take on them and transform them into their own versions.

Even though it’s pretty hard to know which styles and fashion trends will click the most with the people, it’s still exciting, pulsating and so thrilling to know, right? Many designers, influencers, bloggers and models are already showing signs of new fashion trends that can be seen all over and could most probably take the world by storm this year. 

There are so many branches of fashion like dresses, shoes, scarfs, handbags, accessories and other little things that can all come together perfectly or make a big messy hotchpotch.

In order to nail the looks this year, you need to have a good idea about where the fashion industry is heading, what pieces they’ll be churning out and whether or not these trends resonate with your personal style. 

People often try to follow fashion trends mindlessly, not paying much heed to their body type, personal preference and style. But if you really truly want to make a fashion statement then it has to come from a place within you. You should feel comfortable, confident and classy in it. Just like a black long sleeves dress is a classic but if you opt for detachable sleeves or off-shoulder style then it becomes the best of both worlds.

Let’s look at some of the fashion trends that are sure to be big this year and we would love our loyal Miss Lola customers to be the first ones to not only know about them but also buy them at the most reasonable prices.

1.  The Pant-Suit Trend

With each passing year the pant suits are gaining momentum in ladies and young girls. These power suits ooze confidence, elegance and class and give out a clear no-nonsense vibe.

 Almost every season for the past 2 years, pant-suits are getting a makeover and new take by doing fun and quirky prints in them or making them in cheerful and vibrant hues to make them more feminine and chic. As women are not getting comfortable wearing these pants-suits they can now be seen paired with mini-skirts making them oh-so-cool. This year these suits are more tailored and fitted than before and the best way to go for this trend is a coordinated set.

2.  Second-Hand Shopping is on the Rise

Sustainable fashion is making waves around the globe due to the awareness and cognizance of the people. Global problems like water shortage, global warming and animal cruelty has made people go back to their roots and connect with them.

Celebrities like Kate Middleton have often seen repeating her own years old clothes as well as flaunting vintage dresses and hand-me-downs of her ever so gorgeous mother-in-law. Content creator Natasha Ahmed is also gig on finding these hidden gems from EBay and incorporating them seamlessly into her newer pieces to create the ultimate fashion look. Layering old pieces with the newer ones not only makes an entirely new outfit but also it can’t be just copy pasted.

3.  Baggy Jeans

Much to the disappointment of skinny jeans fanatics they are not coming back anytime soon. In fact their exact opposite style is trending fast and topping the charts of the fashion world. Denim jeans is something that’s worn globally, fashion alterations to it are widely accepted so you have to go with the flow as you will only be finding those pieces in the stores as well. 

This year loose, baggy style jeans are all the rage.  You can wear them in low rise or high waist as per your liking but they should be loose, baggy, wide legged or flared, basically anything but skin hugging. The top to go with them are mostly cropped or slim fit to rationalize the look.

4.  Bright, Chromatic Hues

Colors play a very important role in the fashion looks that we serve.  Neon colors have been in vogue for quite some time but it’s finally time to bid them a farewell and welcome newer bold, charismatic and chromatic tones. 

Black long sleeve dresses are a classic but deep reds, blues, browns, purples, greens and oranges are what will make you top the fashion charts. Don’t pair them with any other color, just let a bold and beautiful color take the center stage. You can opt for a trench coat, pant-suit, kaftan, saree, maxi, gown or any kind of dresses you want.

5.  Cropped Cardigans

Cardigans have been in style for as long as I can remember, they find a way to stay in our wardrobes by changing and adapting to new trends rather enthusiastically. 

This year wear your cardigans in cropped form with your baggy mom jeans to create the perfect casual look for evening movie nights, drinks evenings, game nights or even shopping sprees. The cardigans can be floral, patterned, checkered or textured but make sure they are in bold hues.

6.  Bucket-hat Trend

Ready for some 90s nostalgia, well the famous bucket hats are back in fashion! They have been trying to make a comeback and I have seen people nodding the trend in the past recent years but in 2022 it has finally made a potent place for itself. 

The oversized, floppy, furry bucket hats are the latest and the hottest accessory trend you need to follow in the year 2022!

Final Words for Miss Lola

Miss Lola is here to help you out with all the latest fashion trends I have mentioned above along with many more. There are a plethora of other fashion trends that can hit in 2022, you can check them all at our site and make a strong fashion statement every day!


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