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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Take a Music Business Degree

One of the most common reasons to pursue a music business degree is that it gives you greater insight into the wider music industry. This degree is beneficial not only in its own right but also in terms of obtaining placements. The second year of a three-year course will often involve work placement. And while you may not want to become too elitist in the process, this degree can help you understand the industry’s intricacies and workings.

Internships Offer Flexibility 

Internships allow music business students to experience the working world of music. Some have found internships at the Glimmerglass Music Festival, Butler County Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland Pops Orchestra, Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, and Virginia Symphony Orchestra. Other opportunities include participating in more than 15 chamber ensembles directed by faculty members. These groups range from string quartets to woodwind quintets and flute choirs. In addition, students have gained hands-on experience by managing departmental social media platforms. An internship is an essential part of a music business degree program. Not only does it allow students to gain hands-on experience, but it can also lead to real-world career opportunities. Music business interns may work for talent agencies, recording studios, concert promoters, and instrument or tech companies. They may also apply their skills in marketing and social media. Another type of internship is in public relations. Many companies will take on interns while in school; in return, interns will get real-world experience and college credits. 


A music business degree is an excellent option for someone passionate about music and looking for more flexibility in their career. There are several ways to combine your degree with music studies, such as music theory, vocal performance, or even music entrepreneurship. There are also many opportunities to study abroad.

Music business degrees prepare students for careers in production, marketing, and management in the music industry. The courses are fast-paced, flexible, and designed to prepare students for behind-the-scenes work. Students may also pursue a master’s degree in music business, and often they get a double major or minor in business. This way, they gain experience in both fields and can decide which path is more suitable for them. 

Understanding The Industry 

Whether you’re interested in creating your music or working with other artists, understanding the music business industry is a critical skill. New rules are constantly emerging in an ever-changing industry, and a good understanding of the industry’s structure and laws is essential for a successful career. Music business students study various aspects of the music industry, including music recording, the business of music, and marketing and management. They also gain a solid foundation for analyzing the structure of the music business, devising organizational objectives, and making strategic decisions to achieve these goals. Additionally, students take part in internships, which provide valuable experience.

Career Path 

Many music business graduates want to start their record label or music marketing company. This career path is ideal for people who want more control over their work and the money they earn. In addition, it is a great way to gain hands-on experience and build networking skills. While other programs may require you to take an internship, a degree in music business offers an opportunity to jump in straight from the classroom.

The music business is a broad field, but several specific niches exist. As a result, graduates can find a wide variety of jobs in the field, some of which require a master’s degree and others that only require a bachelor’s degree. Regardless of your path, it is worth noting that salaries in the music industry are generally higher than in other sectors.

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