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5 Benefits You Get Every Time You Tattoo Someone

The best tattoo artists often use dynamic ink and ink multiple customers during a working day. Between all your excellent handiwork it’s worth taking a moment to remember that you are also benefiting from your artwork in a roundabout way.

This is certainly something to consider when you’re thinking of purchasing more tattoo supplies to use in future. With this in mind, here are five benefits that you get from every tattoo you deliver.

1. Expression

Every tattoo is another chance to exercise your creativity. This might not seem like it’s very important, but it is. Studies have found that even the smallest doses of creative input can help relieve stress and stimulate brain function.

Research also suggests that it can help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s. You should remember this every time that you offer words of wisdom to a customer who’s unsure about which design is right for them.

2. Satisfaction

You don’t just get a fee out of inking someone with their dream tattoo. Instead, you will hopefully get to make them smile. Once you’ve done a good job and secured another satisfied customer, you should feel a sense of fulfilment that keeps you feeling both motivated and happy in your career. This isn’t always the most powerful emotion but it’s there under the surface.

3. Skills

It’s impossible to be completely perfect at what you do. The best way to improve your skills is, of course, to practice. You should therefore feel comfortable knowing that each tattoo you deliver is yet another step closer to honing your craft and nearing the top of your game. Even the ones that don’t turn out how you expected can still be considered a valuable learning curve.

4. Trends

The world of tattoos is constantly moving forward and evolving. It’s all too easy to fall behind on the trends that are out there if you’re not regularly interacting with customers and listening first-hand to what designs they’ve set their sights on. You’ll know full well that the best tattoos artists are always on-trend and know just what designs are emerging, so take this on board every time you complete a piece of body art.

5. Brand

The tattoo industry is quickly learning that their brands can be built by social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Meanwhile, word of mouth is still majorly important when it comes to making a name for yourself as a tattoo artist. It is, therefore, worth remembering that you’re building your reputation with every tattoo you do. This means that you’re constantly moving towards bigger and better things in your career.

Remember the Benefits

Working as a tattoo artist can be good money – but that shouldn’t be the only reason why you do it. Instead, it’s worth considering all these benefits that you get from each and every inking. This is something to remember when you’re investing in further supplies. For more information on getting your hands on the best equipment going, contact us today.

Prepare the body and the area that will be tattooed
After doing a lot of practice on artificial skins or fruits, you try to do real skin. In order to do tattooing on the real skin, you have to prepare your body or the body of your client, depending on who you are tattooing. The idea is to make sure that the person who gets the tattoo doesn’t drink any alcohol for at least a day before the process. Also, they need to stay away from any painkillers or medicines that end up thinning their blood. If you start tattooing, you need to be sure that all of these things stay away. As we mentioned above, you also need to properly prepare that particular area. A good idea here is to shave the entire area. We recommend you to use a fresh blade, as this will make the entire process a lot easier to do and the value on its own will be a lot better. Plus, a higher quality razor will come in handy here. You don’t need to have even a strand of hair when you start tattooing. This is one of the most important tattoo techniques to focus on, to remove all hair before the entire process, and to wipe them down with alcohol.


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