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4 Things I love about France

4 Things I love about France                     

France is a wonderfully country that people all over the world have heard speaking about. I had the chance to travel and go there and my expectations have been highly accomplished.

There are so many reasons why France is very appreciated by people from different cultures and places. Let’s see a few of them. In the following lines we’ll describe 4 reasons why France is one of the best places in the world to live in or to travel to.

French Names

First of all, the French language which sounds so good and the French names. Delicate for woman (see names like Amélie, Ophélie) and strong, full of authority and worthy names of men like Philippe, Jean, or historical names reminding well known figures like Napoléon. I specifically like French names and I often use them in my writings, as I think it gives a classical or even romantic note sometimes to my characters. It’s difficult to find these names by myself, so I’m using  Générateur de noms aléatoires  and my work is easier all of a sudden.

French Food

The second thing I love about France is the food. Who didn’t hear about the famous macarons, mille-feuille and other delicious sweets? Or who did not eat a Ratatouille, at least in the respect of the cartoons in honour of this very known French meal? 🙂 The French kitchen and gastronomy is so rich starting with the numerous varieties of cheese and meals and desserts carefully prepared that will be a surprise for any taste.

Beautiful Towns and Landscapes 

Third big plus for France are its beautiful towns and “wild” landscapes. This country is visited by thousands of tourists every year and it always offers incredible experiences all over its surface. Don’t miss the capital, so beautiful and historically charged, but make sure you also discover the ocean coast, the beaches and central towns like Lyon, Nantes, Angers and towns from Normandie.

French rich culture

Another reason to love France is given by its rich, long culture. There are so many good artists who came from France: writers, painters and musicians who made a career and left a gorgeous artistic treasure behind. Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, both painters, Baudelaire, Marcel Proust, Albert Camus, Jules Verne, all writers and Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour or Jaques Brel, these last names being names of singers, are all big public personalities known by the French people and people around France. They have been an influence when living and remained an influence even after their death.

Historical Attractions registered as UNESCO Heritage Sites

Let’s end with another advantage that France has when speaking about the touristic attraction and reasons why people love it, are its historical spots. We refer to the museums registered as UNESCO Heritage Sites that include the well-known museums from Paris (Le Louvre, for example) and the Chateaux de la Loire, the Mont Saint Michel, to give some symbolic examples.

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There’s no doubt : France is a distinctive place to live in or travel to and you should see it at least once in life, in order to make sure you experience the famous “joie de vivre”, the joy of living. Make sure you learn a bit of French before you decide to go there, to be able to say hi like a real French, make sure you take your classical clothes and shoes (as French people have a great style) and you’re ready to go.


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