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3-Point Slinger for the Camera – A Solid Option

The3 Point Slinger for Camera is a commonly used mounting system for cameras and accessories. It is a mounting system that can be attached to the belt of a camera operator. The three points are usually located around the palm of their hand and upper torso, making it easy to secure the camera into position on the subject. At the same time, they perform action shots or record video footage.

What is a 3-point slinger for the camera?

It comes in two different types the first one is a shoulder sling, and the other is a chest sling. Both of them are very similar to each other, with no difference between them except for their size and shape.

Chest Sling: This type of sling is use in most police departments but is also found in military organizations and some private security firms. It is designed to be worn around the chest instead of over the shoulder to keep both hands free while keeping the camera secure against sudden movements or attacks.

Shoulder Sling: This type of sling is smaller than the chest type and fits around your shoulder area instead of your chest area (whereas most body cameras are). This type of sling allows you to move freely without worrying about dropping your camera or damaging it when moving fast through an area where there may be threats present, such as crime scenes or dangerous situations where someone could grab hold of you.

How to use 3 point slinger for the camera?

The arm of the sling holds the camera in place, while the head of the sling holds the camera above your head. This allows you to keep your hands free from other tasks, such as working with someone else or holding something else in your hands.

The 3 Point Slinger for Camera allows you to adjust your camera angle from 0 degrees to 90 degrees, which means you can use it in any position that works best for you!

Why need it?

Cameras can be attached to the sling using a quick-release plate or other fasteners.

In order to use the 3-Point Sling Strap, you need to have your camera mounted on a tripod because it can hold up the camera securely. The strap has three points which are adjustable depending on your needs. 

The camera can be mounted on the left shoulder or right shoulder, or hung from your neck as well. It also comes with a carrying case so that you can carry it easily while traveling or hiking.

Features of 3-point slinger for the camera

This sling allows you to carry your camera on three points of contact, which reduces the risk of dropping your camera when it is not in use.

The 3-Point Slinger for Camera has a variety of mounting options to suit your needs and preferences, including:

Standard Mounting System: The basic mounting system allows you to mount your camera on the shoulder strap or belt loop, allowing you to move freely while recording.

Locking Mounting System: If you prefer to have more security over your camera, this locking mounting system provides an additional layer of protection by locking into place when mounted securely. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your gear won’t fall off while filming or being used during an event.

Benefits of 3 point slinger for the camera

You will get a lot of benefits by using this product such as:

  • Secure Mounting System: This strap provides a secure mounting system for your camera, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off while shooting.
  • Easy Accessibility: The strap comes with three points which are adjustable depending on your needs, so you can adjust them according to your comfort level while wearing it


The device is lightweight, easy to use, and affordable. There are no batteries or wires needed; the 3 Point Slinger has a 110-inch lead that terminates in a miniature 1/8-inch plug. This allows the user to plug into any mobile device with a 1/8-inch audio jack to record video and audio. 


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