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15 Ways to Show Your Love this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show your mom just how much she means to you. For everything that she’s done over the years, washed away your tears, made you smile, and cooked you your favorite meals on request! Moms deserve this day that’s meant to honor them, so be sure you have plans to remind her that her love is a blessing, and you are thankful every single day.

  1. Take it Back Old School. Yes, moms have always loved those cards you bring home from class. You know the ones, scribbled drawings and backward R’s, big hearts and stick figures. You might be older now, and your drawing skills have (hopefully!) improved, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t still love a heartfelt card designed and written by you.
  2. What’s her favorite Charity? Does your mom have a favorite charity? It might have something to do with saving or sheltering animals, breast cancer awareness, or helping the environment. Donating to her favorite charity is a great way to give her a gift when she requests none be given or just to honor her.
  3. The Perfect Gift. Give Mom a gift that lets her buy pretty much anything she wants with a Visa Gift Card. You can even customize the card with a picture of the two of you on the front, with text that reads, “Love you, Mom!” or “Happy Mother’s Day!” to truly personalize your affection.
  4. Lend a Hand Outside. Your mom might love doing yard work on her own, but what a treat for her to have you lend a hand. Whether you take over completely for a few days or garden side by side, she’ll love that you are investing time in her hobby.
  5. Plan a Get Together. While it’s nice to gather at Mom’s house, it may still leave her feeling responsible for cleanup. If possible, plan a get together at the park or your own home, so that she can truly be a guest and not have to worry about any of the party stress.
  6. Clean Her House. Housecleaning takes a lot of time. Take some of the chores off of your mom’s shoulders by cleaning the house yourself for a day or week, whatever you’re able to do. She’ll be appreciative of the extra time you’ve given her to do other things!
  7. Breakfast in Bed. Is there anything more luxurious than enjoying a good breakfast in bed? Even mom will forgive you if the toast is burnt, so have at it! Consider making her scrambled eggs or go all out with Eggs Benedict. Serve toast, jelly, bacon and freshly squeezed OJ or mimosa.
  8. Write a Family History. There may be nothing more sacred to a family than their history. When and how spouses met, when children were born, and other significant events. Make it a project to write everything down in a leather book, to hand to your mom on Mother’s Day.
  9. Prepare a Picnic. Plan a picnic for a nice day. Make finger sandwiches and snacks, with a couple fancy bottles of water or quenching lemonade. Lay out a blanket and drink in the day with each other!
  10. Have a Spa Day. Even though she might deny it, moms love spa days, especially with their kids! Plan for a pedicure, manicure, massage, anything and everything you’re able to, and go together to make it twice as fun.
  11. Wine O’clock. There are dozens of wine subscriptions available now, choose one that best matches your mom’s tastes. A mix of whites, reds, and rose will send her over the moon. And how nice it would be for the two of you to wine taste and review them together!
  12. Create a Fairy Garden. Garden gnomes have always had their place, now fairies deserve their day in the sun! Use succulents and other plants that don’t require a lot of sun or water, string tiny, battery operated lights, add fairy houses and rock glass, and mom will display it proudly.
  13. Go Kitchen Gadget Crazy. Most everyone has the usual kitchen gadgets, but who’s got things like an egg cuber, corn peeler or a pancake pen? Stock mom’s kitchen with some fun new accessories and watch her creativity flow!
  14. Whimsical Wind Chimes. For those breezy days and nights, bring nature’s melody into mom’s life with wind chime tones that speak to her soul.
  15. Coupon Book. No, you don’t have to be ten years old to give your mom a coupon book. She’ll still appreciate it even if you’re 30! Your coupons might look a little different, but you can still offer coupons for: hugs, a home cooked meal, babysitting, washing the car, and anything else you think mom might love!

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