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11 Reasons You Can’t Sleep And Are Struggling to Stay Asleep

According to a study it has been seen that every 5th individual is suffering from Sleeping issues and behind it there are so many reasons like improper and bad eating habits, over stress, over work , not practicing yoga exercises and meditation and many more. 

Let’s discuss these reasons briefly , mainly 11 reasons. 

1.Insomnia is one of the most common sleeping issues which most teenagers are suffering from these days. It is a sleeplessness condition in which a person finds difficulty in sleeping easily. It can be treated easily in the acute stage but in chronic conditions it is difficult to deal with. 

2.Taking long naps at day time reduces the sleep at night and day sleep also makes you less active and affects you sleep cycle so badly. 

3.Excessive use of mobile phones and electronic gadgets leads to excessive strain on brain muscles and makes you feel very exhausted and its regular use may impaired your brain functions and so do sleeping patterns. To solve this you can take valerian root and have a happy sleep. 

4.Workout and exercises should always be done on perfect time according to the body type otherwise it may unbalance your biological clock aos leads to  disbalancing of physiological functions and try to avoid excessive and heavy workout just before sleep instead practice yoga poses and breathing exercises which helps in inducing more sleep 

5.Stress and anxiety are the main factors which are responsible for sleeplessness. Prolonged stress affects your brain muscles  so badly and impaired the biological functions and also sleeping patterns 

6.Diet plays a very important role in sleeping. If you eat junk food or heavy food which takes a lot of time in complete digestion just before sleeping leads to indigestion and restlessness and ultimately reduces your sleep. 

7.Sleeping issues. It is bad sleeping habits if you are trying to sleep late at night and waking up very late in the morning ,your whole biological clock gets disturbed and if this becomes your habit then after some times it leads to insomnia and so many other Sleeping disorders. For sleep help, you can take some ayurvedic sleeping pills.

8.Caffeine or excessive taking caffeine leads to sleeplessness and so many other diseases of taking regularly , caffeine acts as the stimulator which also elevates your heart rate and leads to sleeplessness, so avoid taking it just before your sleep. 

9.Alcohol – Taking alcohol in excessive amounts highly impaired your body functions and if taken regularly may disturb your body functions and sleeping patterns. 

10.Poor lifestyle – Bad eating habits, no workout, over stress and taking overpressure creates a negative impact on your brain and makes your brain muscles weak which ultimately impaired your body functions and also sleep cycles. 

11.Body temperature also plays a very important role in sleeping , some people feel very warm or very cold during sleep which affects the body homeostasis and sometimes leads to sleeping issues. 

These are some reasons for sleeplessness and to tackle such avoid use of medication and try some natural methods and practice yoga and meditation.


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