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10 Essential Tips for Karwa Chauth Fasting in Pregnancy

Karwa Chauth is coming, and most of the wedded ladies are now planning for these special seasons. People with hardly any insight into Karwa Chauth pooja should know that on this good day, women pray to God for the life span of their spouses and for strengthening their relationships. It is viewed as a celebration loaded up with respect and love. Karwa Chauth always comes to Sharad Navratri or Durga Jayanti. Furthermore, after this celebration, Diwali is celebrated. So you can enjoy the cheerful atmosphere before and after this celebration. It is accepted that each woman needs to be dedicated to her husband. So the husband additionally purchases the best gift for wife on Karwa Chauth this season.

So if you want to observe Karwa Chauth fast this year but are pregnant, stress not because not only you but a few different women will do likewise. However, you should be somewhat cautious with the Karwa Chauth fast treatment. If you are expecting a child and want to observe the Karva Chauth fast, there are a ton of safety measures that you want to take. Follow these basic tricks and have a safe Karva Chauth fast.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

One isn’t allowed to hydrate during Karva Chauth’s fast, yet for a pregnant woman, it is truly critical to remain hydrated. To hydrate, drink milk and fresh juices. Eating fresh fruits with an elevated level of water content works admirably.

Consume Fruits and Juices At Regular Intervals

Your body expects energy to perform at its ideal, which is more obvious when expecting a kid. Subsequently, ensure that you consume food at regular intervals. You could drink natural products or natural juices as a healthy choice. Hydration is also critical; drinking coconut water can help with that and different things.

Examine It With Your Gynecologist

It is in every case great and safe that you counsel your primary care physician before accepting the last call. In Karva Chauth, you stay without food as well as without water which means that this can trouble the child. Likewise, it depends on whether Karva Chauth is in the third trimester of your pregnancy or the first. The specialist can best manage this multitude of points since he is the person who knows your condition the best. You can ask him, “can I eat Kuttu during pregnancy?” “what all things would be advisable for me to include in my meal” and so on.

Change Your Focus

If you continue considering fasting during pregnancy, you will certainly feel hungrier and have more uneasiness. You should change your focus and get busy doing things. You can go out to shop, meet your friends, read something, go to a film or do anything that moves your consideration and keeps you along as the day progresses.

Choose For Yourself

Do not overburden yourself and your well-being since others maintain that you should make it happen. Go gentle on your well-being or the entirety of your child’s well-being. Fast only if you want to do it and not to show what you can do and your love to other people.

You Can Relax If You Have Sickness

You may experience sickness, pains, or dazedness while pregnant, even after eating fruits and a lot of water. However, remember that this is natural. Nonetheless, if you feel that your fast is becoming intolerable, go ahead and do it right away.

Wear Comfortable Dress

We all love to be decked up in lovely clothes and gems. But, while you are pregnant or breastfeeding an infant, you may not feel truly comfortable wearing heavy sarees or lehengas. Choose a light, indo-western maternity dress for the daytime. If you feel cold, you can continuously layer it with wraps and shrugs.

Have Sufficient Sleep

The baby needs what it needs, and as a mother, it’s your priority and duty to take care of the yet-to-be-born child. In this way, have sufficient sleep and rest. Also, don’t overexert your body.

Enjoy The Festival

If you pick not to observe the fast, don’t get negative; enjoy the celebrations. Dress pretty and participate in pooja and different ceremonies of Karva Chauth.

Healthy Sargi
Since you will be starving, it is essential to begin the day with a healthy and fit Karwa Chauth Sargi that will keep your energy levels high. Include dry fruits, milk, and different supplements in your eating routine. Ensure you eat things that will keep you hydrated.


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