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Who Really Owns the Gallery Dept Hat?

The Gallery Dept is an emerging streetwear brand that has gained traction among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. Their signature piece is the Painter Hat, which has become a must-have item for many. However, rumors have been circulating online about the true ownership of the Gallery Dept Hat. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into this topic and uncover the truth behind one of the most sought-after fashion items of our time.

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To understand the controversy surrounding the Gallery Dept Hat, we must first know who is behind the brand. The creative mind behind the label is Josue Thomas, a former interior designer who turned his passion for clothing into a successful business. However, the Gallery Dept is owned by his business partner, who prefers to remain anonymous. The actual identity of this person is one of the factors that fuel the speculation about the true ownership of the Gallery Dept Hat.

Another factor that adds to the mystery of the Gallery Dept Hat is the limited availability of the Painter Hat. The brand only sells a limited number of pieces via their website and select stores, leading to a high demand for the item. Some buyers have even resorted to purchasing the Gallery Dept Hat for more than its retail price, adding to its allure.

Furthermore, there have been accusations that the Gallery Dept Hat resembles a design by artist Peter De Potter. The design in question is a series of caps with the word “Painter” embroidered in a similar font to the Gallery Dept Hat. However, De Potter has denied these allegations, stating that he was not the first person to use this font. 

Despite the rumors and controversies surrounding the Gallery Dept Hat, it remains a highly coveted item among fashion enthusiasts. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, and Kanye West have been spotted wearing the brand’s Painter Hat, further fueling its popularity. The Gallery Dept has also collaborated with other brands such as Vans, adding to its appeal.


In conclusion, the ownership of the Gallery Dept Hat remains a mystery, and the controversies surrounding the brand have only added to its appeal. However, the limited availability and the high demand for the item are proof of its status as a must-have piece of streetwear. Whether you believe the rumors or not, the Gallery Dept Hat has undoubtedly made its mark in the fashion industry and is a testament to the power of a well-designed and well-marketed product.

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