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What’s a FakeLoc Spoofing App?

FakeLoc, an amazing location spoofing application that fakes your Android and iOS device’s location, is the best. It will change the location of your phone so that all location-based apps think you are at the fake location. Here are some more details:

FakeLoc – Different Features

Here are some highlights of this amazing app:

  • It lets you set your location from anywhere in the world.
  • Two points can be used to show your speed.
  • Compatible with all location-based apps like Tinder, Bumble and WhatsApp.
  • It keeps a complete record of all locations you have already established.
  • For a realistic simulation, the app has three speed modes: running, walking, and jogging.
  • You can enter coordinates, set a manual location or drag and drop the pointer to create a mockup of your location.
  • This transaction method is highly secure.

FakeLoc: How to Spoof Your Location

To use this incredible location changing app, follow the steps below:

  • Download the app on Windows and Mac.
  • Run the app after installing it.
  • If you’re connecting your phone to your computer for the first time, connect it and trust it.
  • Once you have established a connection successfully, you can change your location in one of three ways. You can first change your location by entering the coordinates of the desired location. You can drag and drop the red marker onto a specific location on the map. To set your location, you can also type the name of the location in the search bar.

FakeLoc allows you to change your location and all location-based apps will be able to see the new location. All results will be based on the new location. You may be in New York, and you are trying to find the perfect partner by using Tinder. Based on where you are located in New York, the app will display different matches.

After you have set Chicago as your new location, the app will begin showing you matches in that city. Similar results will likely occur with other location-based apps.

What makes FakeLoc App Distinguished?

There are many location spoofing applications available online. It can be difficult to choose the best from all of them. Fakeloc is the best choice. This app has all the features you need to view any location spoofing application.

FakeLoc by MXCode is completely bug-free to ensure a better user experience. Many users complain about apps that stop working suddenly and expose your true location. This app will not cause any connectivity problems.

This app also offers the advantage of allowing you to use up 5 gaming devices with one subscription. This app will not detect that you have spoofed your location.


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